Spunky Spike To Spike Fake Ear Plugs

You need not fear the pain of piercing all the time. The no pain, no gain adage is passé now. Opt for the glamorous fake ear plugs from piercebody.com and give a boost to your style statement now. Stretching your ears has been vogue through ages and the modern generation doesn’t shy away from it either. Indeed why should you be reluctant to look attractive by wearing the most attractive jewelry available? Also you may want to settle for the fake plugs instead of stretching your ear piercing for real if your employer has a taboo about body piercings. Simply remove the fake plug when you report to work and have it in place once you are done for the day and looking forward to a bit of fun in the company of likeminded friends.
You do not have to be bothered about changing your ear expanders and plugs regularly thereby throwing all safety measures in the wind either. The fake ear plugs will certainly not leave your delicate skin open to infection and you get the satisfaction of looking cool without much ado. The taper like spike to spike ear plugs also help you in getting your heart’s desire at cost effective prices. You can actually get an entire box full of 50 pieces of these functional yet exquisite ear plugs for as little as $9.99. The colors are varied and you are welcome to mix and match according to your taste. Wait! You haven’t heard the best part yet! The price is further curtailed on buying a box of 100 pieces. Make sure to place your order today as you never know when the spike to spike design of fake ear plugs may be completely sold out, such is its demand.
Wear a new combination with your outfit every day and keep up with the trend of the times. Inserting and removing them is as easy as a pie too and all you got to do is to screw it in and screw it off after you are done with flaunting it to your friends and acquaintances. The 16 gauge is extremely comfortable as well and you can also sleep with it in your ears. Rest assured there will not be any discomfort thanks to the base material of 316L surgical steel that keeps all kinds of infections and allergies at bay. They can also double up as piercing jewelry for your eyebrows and nipples so that you stand to gain big time.


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