316L circular barbell with ball for ear and naval piercings

For whacky designs and cool shapes in piercing accessories look no further than piercebody.com. with the trend of piercing unusual parts of body like the naval, lip or eyebrow gaining popularity among the young generation of today, piercing accessories needed a big revolution too. With the raging trends in mind, we bring to you an awesome collection of piercing accessories that, once you wear will make people swoon over you. We have everything. Be it for the high school teenager sporting a punk look, the elegant lady who wants something exquisitely feminine or the bold and uncompromising working woman with a dignified taste.
In this article, we want you to focus your attention on the beautiful circular barbells of our collection. Perfect for both ear and naval piercings, these barbells can be the handy accessory you can trust for daily wearing. It is an extremely comfortable piece made with the safest of materials. It is composed of a bar which is inserted into your skin and the two balls at either ends remain visible on the surface. The bar and the ball, both are made of the finest steel alloy- 316L surgical steel. This kind of steel is highly recommended for someone who will be sporting barbell for the first time. It won’t react with body tissues in any way, hence eliminating the risk of skin infections. Moreover, this product will be durable and can be worn as ear piercing accessory in both formal occasions or for casual day outs in college. It can serve equally well for the naval part. The balls in steel make for a cool fashion statement and because they catch the light, they will shine and make sure, your toned stomach gets enough attention.
The best thing about shopping at piercebody.com is the extremely reasonable price. You can buy multiple pieces of barbell earrings, naval rings and get huge amounts of discounts on them. For example, if you buy a single 316L steel circular barbell with ball, you get it for only $0.39 which is quite pocket friendly itself. But if you buy more than 10 but less than 25 in bulk, you will get each of these products for only $0.37. How awesome is that! We have loyal customers who never go anywhere else as no other website can provide such amazing discounts as ours.
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