SS Circular Barbells with UV Balls: The Best Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry

What is Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry?

Spider bite piercing jewelry is basically a lower lip piercing with 2 piercing jewelries. It is just below the side of lower lip. It also has upper lip but people generally prefer to do it on lower lip. Spider bite piercing can be done either separately or at the same time. It depends on the choice of the piercing enthusiast. It’s a piercing which looks bold, hence you need that kind of personality and mindset to pull it off. If you can flaunt such an amazing and adventurous body art, chances are that you will earn the respect of piercing professionals and fanatics.

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The name is obviously derived from the mark a spider bite leaves on one’s skin. Labret studs, 20g circular barbell and ball closure rings are best choices for spider bite piercing jewelry. Piercebody offers a wide range of piercing jewelry items for its clients. This particular SS circular barbell with UV balls is one such item which can give you a makeover. Get your spider bite piercing jewelry done with 2 different shades of balls in combination or in contrast to create a striking appearance. Made of surgical steel the barbell is safe and is available in 3 different sizes of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm with the ball size of 3mm.

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What You Need to Know About Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry

The cost of spider bite piercing is around $25-$45. You must remember that this not a universal price; it generally depends on the studio and the piercer. The spider bites piercing may be painful if you are having both the perforations together.

 spider bite piercing jewelry varieties

Spider bites piercing takes around 4-12 weeks to heal completely. Although it depends on the immune system of the body and also on how much care you are taking. Avoid touching the piercing again and again and do not play with it. The size of the labret also influences healing time but initially it’s a long gauge one to provide space for healing. Restrain yourself from having hot or spicy food. Instead opt for frozen yogurt and crushed ice to speed up the healing process. Public baths or pools are a bad idea during this time and do not try to change it on your own. Having Vitamin B supplements before piercing helps in accelerating healing process.

Make sure to follow all the steps in order to make a healing process successful. You can check more information about spider bites piercing and SS Circular Barbells with UV Balls.

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