SS Circular Barbell with UV Balls

Go for a brand new piercing in the form of an auricle piercing this festive season. An auricle is the place between the helix and earlobe of an ear and piercing this region is known as the auricle piercing which is quite trendy. Since, this seems to be the perfect spot for flaunting cool and trendy ear accessories, auricle piercing have become a hit among the younger crowd. In fact, this piercing can also be flaunted by the older women because of its position and also because it supports wide variety of earrings.

Curved barbell earrings or circular barbells, studs, ball closure rings and segment rings look great on this piercing. Once the piercing has crossed the initial healing phase, you can switch to nostril screws. Small ear cuffs, magnetic studs and fake rings are good for people who do not wish to get their auricle punctured. Auricle piercing generally costs between $15 and $20 depending on the parlor. You must visit a licensed parlor to have it done by an experienced professional. A hollow sterilized needle is used to pierce the auricle before putting the circular barbell which you have bought from piercebody. This surgical steel circular barbell ring with UV balls looks exciting on the auricle and fits snugly.

Made from skin friendly surgical steel, this circular barbell comes in 3 sizes from mm to 12mm. the UV balls can be changed and they of course shine under sunlight making your auricle piercing more visible to the public eye. Change the balls according to your dress and flaunt the barbell to surprise people. piercebody offers the piercings at a low rate to facilitate the pockets of people from different socio-economic backgrounds. An auricle piercing takes 3-9 months to heal completely and it is best to wait for this time before making any changes to the jewelry.

During the healing period remember to avoid sleeping on the jewelry. Saline soak twice a day with cotton swab or ball is mandatory and you should also clean the area with mild antibacterial soap and rinse the area properly. Cosmetics, sprays, lotions and ointments must not be used and keep the area dry. Do not touch the jewelry or rotate it with dirty hands. It is better to tie your hair during this time to prevent tangling of hair. Slightly bold people can also go with double or triple auricle piercing though it is advised to pierce them one at a time.

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