Have a Painless Piercing with Silicon Ear Plug Collection

colored silicone ear plugs collectionEar Stretching using silicon ear plugs collection is one of the most popular ear piercing trends these days. Either young or the old, no matter what gender one belongs to! From pop stars to Hollywood celebrities and tattoo artists to teenagers, everyone wants to don the best ear stretcher and look like a walking stunner! So if you are also planning to go for lobe stretching, nothing could be as stylish and safe as Silicone Ear Plugs!

Varieties and Designs of Silicone Ear Plug Collection

They are in the shape of a hollow tunnel and are composed of surgical steel which is medically certified for using on the human body without any effects. These ear plugs have many designs like screw models, cylinder plugs and Flesh fit tunnels. All these models are designed by artists with great techniques and made with global craftsmanship.

Ear plugs are made more sexy and glittery by embedding stones, colorful gems and precious diamonds in them. Women love some shine on their body jewelry and they can wear these all days with ease on every occasion that comes their way.

What is Silicone Ear Plugs Collection Comprises?

Unlike other piercing methods, plugs for ears from the silicone ear plugs collection are way too stylish and painless. These plugs are composed of lightweight silicone. It is therefore much lighter, flexible and softer than other ear piercing jewelry options. Whether you are swimming, bathing, playing or sleeping. Items from silicone ear plugs collection stretch the lobes gently and comfortably, without even sticking out of the ears!

How To Maintain Healthy Skin while Using a Silicone Ear Plug

silicone ear plugs collectionThe best part about this uber-cool way of ear piercing is that it is safe even for the ones who have sensitive skin or are apprehensive about hurting their delicate ear lobes. One can use lubricants like jojoba oil, soy butter or Pongamia oil to calm the skin. The idea is to use these natural emollients and moisturizers for a faster and better skin healing. Just ensure that your stretches are gradual to prevent blowouts or infections and you will be good to go!

And when it comes to the expressing individual personalities or enhancing your beauty, there are endless options available at piercebody.com. One can go for plain ear plugs in solid colors for a bold yet fascinating look. Also, others can choose amongst the multicolor ones for a quirky appearance. But the list doesn’t end here! If you are a fan of this form of body modification, make a style statement. There are a lot of options such as funky and impressive as the star or flower embossed plugs. There is also color changing or glow-in-the-sunlight plugs and the unusual gecko or smiley logos.


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