Scintillating Stainless Steel Key Bracelet

Ooze charm on Valentine’s Day and every day afterwards by choosing to embellish your plain wrists with a trinket that is both gorgeous as well as functional. Do visit in order to catch the beautiful Stainless Steel Key Bracelet on display and prepare to get hooked every time. The seemingly delicate bracelet with a key hanging from one end is surely different. You can definitely add that dash of romance to your life by gifting it to your sweetheart on apt occasions. The metaphor of handing over the key to your heart rings true here and will no doubt succeed in pleasing your beloved as never before.

The delicate chain that comes with the key encompasses your wrist beautifully and will prove to be just the right kind of ornamentation when you are casually dressed. Your hands require no other ornamentation as the bracelets are good enough to give your wrists the touch of class.

The dull gleam of stainless steel draws attention to your delicate wrists as well and you do not have to be bothered with removing the bracelet once you get home after a long evening spent with friends. The accumulated dirt and grime on the surface of your bracelet can easily be cleaned. There is simply no need to go on a buying spree looking for expensive cleaning solutions either. A good wipe with a clean cloth after washing the bracelet in lukewarm soapy water will bring back the shine. It might actually be mistaken for silver; such is the quality of this lovely piece of stainless steel jewelry.

The enchanting carvings on the stainless steel surface give it the appearance of a gem studded bracelet too. You are surely going to be pleasantly surprised on being able to purchase such a pretty little adornment at the unbelievable price of $8.89 only. The thin double chain passing through the key gives the bracelet a smart look while retaining the simplicity of the jewelry making it very obvious that less is more in today’s world. The length of 23 cm is just right for a normal sized individual too. It might sit a little loosely on your wrists too, a feature that will help your wrists to tinkle musically whenever you move them. The sound is sure to ring prettily as you go out on a date.

The biggest advantage is its anti-tarnish and anti-allergic properties. You skin remains 100% safe even when you are determined to keep wearing the adorable bracelets daily.

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