Safe and Delicate Rook Piercings

Rook Piercings are a delicate and trendy form of ear piercing. Body piercing jewelry is from various metals. It is unique to this new collection of organic jewel plugs for ears. They are from animal bones, horns, and wood. And also uses this elite range of ear piercing jewels. They come in a variety of shapes and designs. It namely pushes fit, spiral fit, end tail, and other custom designs.

The helix of the inner ear piercing and uses rook piercing jewelry. The rook jewelry which is made of rose gold PVD over medically approved surgical steel.

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Rook Piercings Jewelry Style and Design

Rook piercings are in the shape of circular barbells and appear a unique. It is also wearable on all occasions with no hassles. They provide unique style statements when worn by both sexes.

Women go crazy over available designs and the precision. This is which they are made by certified designers with extravagant craftsmanship. They have the sole purpose of making women beautiful wherever they go and have a huge fan following globally.

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What Makes Rook Piercings Safe?

The range of rose gold PVD horseshoe piercing is safe and mild on the skin without causing ant irritations as this is made from 316L Surgical steel which is completely hypo allergic.

These use as your double helix piercing, eyebrow piercing or as your lip piercing depending on your style and sensibilities and can be matched with any of your outfits. These are available in two sizes- 1.2x8mmx3mm, 1.2x10mmx3mm. This also uses helix piercing and not just as rook piercing.


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How Can You Purchase a Safe and Reliable Rook Piercings?

Grab the once in a lifetime opportunity of owning spectacular piercing jewelry by participating in the clearance piercing jewelry sale by Adorn your ears, nose, belly, and eyebrows with cool and snazzy items that are sure to cost you an arm and a leg elsewhere.

What is more, you also get to purchase earring trays and expander jewelry at unbelievable prices. The hot and happening Pyrex glass ornaments are yours for taking too as are the priceless birthstone earrings that happen to be just right as a birthday gift. Jeweled safety pins, as well as multicolored barbells, are up for grabs too.

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