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Ear Piercings


If several years ago classic earrings were the only jewelry known, today there are different accessories for ears that look not less effective and spectacular. Yes, it concerns these strange tunnels and ear expanders. Think they are not elegant? We can prove the opposite.

What is it?

Plugs for tunnels are put in ear holes that are deliberately extended. Diameters of tunnels may reach several centimeters! It looks interesting on both men and girls. But of course, high-quality accessories must be put to ensure modern and stylish image of wearer.

Wide choice of items

Every ear tunnel lover will see something catchy and special, because there are many different items in our catalogue:

  • UV ear tunnels;
  • ear plugs with marble prints;
  • fake ear plugs;
  • earrings made of surgical steel, gold, silver and other metals;
  • wooden expanders and accessories;
  • anodized jewelry;
  • ear piercing of pyrex glass;
  • ear tunnels made of silicone.

These strong high-quality materials are totally safe and strong, what makes accessories perfect for long-lasting wearing. Tunnels do not deform, ensuring perfect shape of ear holes.

Design solutions are presented in wide choice: from glamorous to brutal. There are numerous variants of earrings with crystals, images, engravings and pictures shining in neon light. We constantly add new collections and arrange sales of the old ones. Moreover, fresh arrivals and limited editions are introduced frequently.

Your opinion matters

We provide everything possible to arrange superb orders and be totally satisfied.

  1. New arrivals include not only piercing accessories, but devices for this body art.
  2. All production and materials are certified, quality is guaranteed.
  3. Wholesale buyers get free delivery and discount according to the sum of their orders (order minimum of $500).
  4. Such low prices are hard to come across in usual stores.
  5. Our website is easy to surf, all the navigation is intuitive, and all the necessary info is presented. Want to ask something? Our specialists are happy to answer all your questions.
  6. You can select the currency, payment system and decide how parcel will get to the destination place (you decide according to your country).

No matter which kind of earrings you like, we have everything you want. All ear tunnel lovers will see interesting jewelry and useful devices – that we guarantee. Online shop piercebody.com provides best offers at agreeable price rates. Our main goal is to have every customer fully satisfied with order.

Ear piercing jewelries go a long way in adding a hint of class and edge to your attire which is why we bring you a selected collection of our best products for here with varying materials and designs that are studded with bright colored stones; all these at factory direct prices.