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Piercebody.com; one of the leading body jewelry manufacturers – we offer a substantial quality. Our body jewelry is a personal embellishment illusion plug earring featuring the LOWEST PRICE. Our huge selection of body jewelry features more Anchor nose stud
than 25,000 designs, 35,000 collections including 1,000 new arrivals per week  fake pieces including body jewelry accessories and piercing tools.

Great deals in ear plugs, flesh tunnels, dermal anchors, toe rings, nose rings,6mm curved circular barbells, nose studs, curved barbells, labrets and more. tiger eye

Each of our collections of body jewelry till each material has a specialization of the gold 6mm belly metal creation in Gold – 9k, 14k, 18k & 22k, 925 sterling silver and 316l stainless steel.body necklace

Piercebody gives the finest quality of the items. surgical steel one side  Our price is effectively low metal zebra comparatively to the other online web stores whether for wholesale and retail.

Fancy Jeweled Non-Moving Belly Ring  

We emphasize these belly button rings on custom designs, textures, unique styles and they’re a trend for the evolution.  Our body jewelry store specializes in silver belly rings. Our belly rings has been beautifully designed and carefully created to match the aesthetics as well as practically. The creation of the exclusive design is never the same! Piercebody.com provides the best quality of belly rings with the diverse style in a competing price.gold eyebrow piercing

SS Tongue Barbell With Square Crystal Top  

The most exquisite item in our gallery is crystal body jewelry. We define our crystal jewelry as a new subject because they give a change – the complete statistic look of a person. A crystal can adjust or even venture with any outfit. 

Preciosa jewelry is graceful and enhanced globally Free Shipping. Preciosa crystal stone not only shines but sparkles elegantly. This preciosa jewelry is a stone used for making earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Crystal stone Heart Belly Ring  

The beautiful crystal belly button rings comes in variant colors, shapes and sizes. Thus, each piece of preciosa crystal stone belly ring with steel base features with ferido glue settings.Circular barbell

Note: These crystals are all set by hands. They are elegantly designed pieces and make the body jewellery look flirtatious.

We have the most exotic body jewelry in handmade jewelry, pearl jewelry and costume jewelry. We gladly create body jewelry –
handmade styles, hand-crafted piece for you per your design/ need using CZ stones, rhinestones, pearls.

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