Perfect for new piercings: 316l Surgical Steel Logo balls

316l surgical steel logo balls
You have had a brand new piercing and the area is still very sore. Well you need to be doubly careful about the material you choose to wear as accessory. Always remember that your body is different from everyone else’s. Your friend might flaunt a silver jewelry in a healing piercing but it might not be suitable for your skin. An inappropriate metal can lower the speed of the healing process and create an infection. Hence we offer you our exquisite collection of 316l surgical steel logo balls, something which will look good and at the same time is a safe choice for fresh piercings.

Metals to avoid during healing piercing:
If you have a healing piercing, you should strictly avoid any metal which has a tendency of reacting with your body tissues. In fact your chosen material should be perfectly compatible with your skin type and should not take in fluids. Any metal causing allergy or infection of any kind should be rejected then and there. You may wear it later after the piercing is fully healed.
One very common metal which can cause your skin to become sensitive is nickel. So if you are wearing a gold or sterling silver earring and the area around your ear is taking a nasty color, it can be due to your skin’s reaction to the nickel existing in that metal compound.

Why choose surgical steel?
This is why surgical steel is hugely recommended. Jewelries made of steel are biocompatible and never react with bodily pus. Also, this material has a smooth finish which is devoid of nicks or burrs of any kind. Hence you be sure that your tender skin remains safe. Some surgical steel jewelry may contain nickel but too in negligible amounts so that the health of your skin is in no way compromised.

Features of surgical steel logo balls:
Wear the surgical steel logo balls of our collection and you never have to worry about acquiring any infections. The balls have a glossy mirror finish, with no uneven surface so that the healing process does not get stalled. Even men can wear these balls as they come with the logos of famous football clubs etched on them. They are available at a size of 1.6x6mm and cost only $0.99 per piece.

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