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Do we ladies love the ‘designer nose studs or nose rings’? Of course, why not? As with most trends that encompass women of every age group. After ear piercing, nose piercing is the most preferred.belly button ring assorted

Today’s fashion is evolving and enchanting. In this era, nose piercing is one of the body jewelry blitz!  It’s the best opportunity to go wild with one of your favorite styles of nose rings in an array of patterns whether in logos, swirl, flower, pearl or even marijuana. nose rings 20g

9K Gold Nose Screw with Genuine BLUE SAPPHIRE Stone

Therefore, its time to set up the glamour! Our nose piercing jewelry is the cultivation and the freshest body of the nose collections with the superior quality as well as reasonable price. We have nose stud/nose pin in a ball end single pin and a straight single nose pin.  This piece is an Austrian crystal bead and we also feature in hand painted which as it’s size of 20G- 6mm.Small nose studs is a direct source of body jewelry. We have been in this industry for over 12 years. Our factory is located in Thailand. Perhaps, if you are looking for a direct source… We are one of the leading manufacturer in selections of body jewelry and silver body jewelry.

We provide the distinctive collections in your style and your way from sleek, exotic, sexy-licious to traditional.

Our body jewelry store also includes retail body jewelry apart from wholesale body jewelry gallery.

Hence, we’re the best for your body jewelry in a thrifty budget and even for supplying bulk orders and small orders with 100% satisfaction.

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