Straight Single Nose Pin

Life is all about little moments of happiness. So today  allows you to make your life happier with little Straight Single Nose Pins of a standard 20G. Excited? But wait. Before you buy it is very important for you to realize that you are making the correct choice, and for that, you need to know about your choice thoroughly. And piercebody is here to help you at this.
In spite of having a miniscule existence, Nose Pins are the most noticeable jewelry article. Nose piercing is a sensitive site and takes time to heal. Therefore it is important to ensure the quality of the jewelry first of all.

Sterling Silver:
These nose pins are made of Sterling silver. Pure silver is soft and therefore can get easily damaged. Thus, in order to give it more strength for creating jewelry, it is mixed with copper. This is when you call Silver, Sterling. So, Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.  But fret not, for this alloy does not affect the value of the metal. To ensure that the silver is high quality, the piece is stamped with purity mark (e.g. 925).That is when you start calling it 925 Sterling Silver.

The metal seldom causes skin irritations. Gold is as effective too, but this shiny white metal stands out majorly from economic point of view since it is much less expensive than Gold. Further, it can match almost every outfit that you put on and so is it viable from the ‘fashionable’ point of view.

Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine, hence the name. Some of the gems within the gem-studded Straight nose pins are composed of best quality Rhinestones. A rhinestone is a diamond stimulant made from rock crystals, glass or acrylic. These glistening stones are so real to feel and favorable to your pockets that you shall not face any confusion to say yes to these cute gems.

Nose pin designs:

  • When you are in sober mood you can show –off your gem-studded Straight pins. The Jeweled Sunflower Straight Nose Pin for example, can give you peace and carefree delight.
  • Again, there are designer Nose pin styles available that are supposed to make your daily fashion easier and singular at the same time. Why not go for the Plain Crescent on Moving Ring Straight Nose Pin? Or a Sperm with Pearl Straight Nose Pin?
  • Moreover there are these quirky, and stylish Logo based Straight Nose Pins’ range starting with the Red Kitty, Ying-Yang, Iron cross Logo and so on. Bend the pins for more comfort if you like.

You are gorgeous, you are young, you are new, and you are bright with the evergreen Sterling Silver Straight Nose pins. Find out the one that suits you best by going through the vast collection at Pierce Body.

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