The Beauty of Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercing is very common among woman who adds beauty to their nose when worn on special occasions like marriages and parties. These nose piercing studs are with an open hoop model where they have a bead at one end for balance and support and they came from sterling silver of high grade and purity.

Types of Nose Piercing Studs

Nose piercing has been made very simple and easy with ample designs and shapes. This new ball stud is all presented in one huge display where a box of 40 pins is presented. All these nose studs are of various shapes like hoop rings, curved nose screws, anodized die-cut nose pins, jeweled nose screws and even bio flex nose pins.

All these are displayed with many custom made shapes and designs and all are made of 316L surgical silver and hence approved for human wear and tear and hence it’s a must have collection for all women who love to flaunt their piercings with style and finesse.


Why Women Prefer a Simple Nose Piercing Studs?

Nose studs are unique nose rings. Women love them, especially in the Asian countries where they have been doing it for ages. These nose studs are very cheap and come in bulk orders as they have created a constant demand. Women go crazy when wearing them, which elevate their style and fashion sense among big gatherings.

Nose Jewelry Stud

There are different types of nose piercings.  It was once an ancient tradition among many cultures is now one of the most fashionable body art that women love, who are in to body art and fashion. Women are piercing their nose with these 20 gauge nose hoop rings, which is available in many sizes and shapes and they are in the form of circular rings so they can easily apply to the nose.

Types of Nose Jewelry Studs

These 20 gauge nose hoop rings are hygienic because of the 316L surgical steel that they use. Which has a shining finish and high durability and is made with artistic craftsmanship. They have a constant demand because of the cheap rates and form lovable gifts to friends and loved ones.

silver nose piercing

You do need to flaunt your silver nose piercing now that you have taken the trouble to go through it. What better than a beautiful sparkling nose pin in silver then? It is sure to lend you an exquisite look making you feel like a queen. You do not have to opt for a plain silver hoop all the time though. There are numerous options at Piercebody that is bound to leave you spoiled for choice. Go for the pearl encrusted silver piercing jewelry nose pin or one embedded with a colorful jewel or a shimmering crystalline stone, you are certain to stand out from the crowd.

How Important is Nose Piercing to Women?

When it comes to nose piercing, the piercing system is way too easy. However, you want to give a self-comparing for a nose piercing or a cartilage piercing. Nose piercing is a facial piercing.

Nose Piercing Design

Types of Nose Piercing:

  1. Nose piercing is like an ant bite and just spontaneous click at the nose cartilage gold cartilage.
  2. Cartilage piercing – the piercing when used with gun or needle.

There are different types of nose piercing studs from You can check a massive collection of body jewelry at a low price!


Septum Rings

Septum ring is used for piercing the middle line between the two nostrils, which separates the airways and hence the body piercing jewelry used must be smooth, easy and hygienic and hence medically approved surgical steel is used to make this closure ring where the circular shape is joined by a ball.

These septum rings are of various sizes and diameters. They are used for piercing the lips, ears and even the genitals at present to portray a wild fashion statement. Women love these because of the discounts and compact size and are affordable gifts to loved ones.

Author: Somal Piercebody

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