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Nose Piercings

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing appeared not so long ago, but acquired many lovers and followers. And it is justified – nose jewelry looks cool and sexy on girls, and very brutal on men. Of course, such kind of body adornment requires attention of qualified specialist and using high-quality accessories. Our primary goal is to supply such jewelry.

Nose piercing: peculiarities and pieces of advice

This is an ordinary kind of piercing that can be made either on right or left side of nose (screws or pins are put in), or between nostrils (rings are used). The first type is more widespread among girls, while the second is preferred by men. Generally, this is a very stylish type of accessories that is quite popular, but is not seen as exotic anymore.

Our catalogue includes both these types of nose piercing manufactured from different materials: silver, gold, surgical steel and bio flex. You can select the needed accessories while taking into account:

  • skin reaction to different metals (no irritation must appear);
  • preferred design and colors;
  • whether you want jewelry with or without crystals;
  • amount you are ready to spend.

Everybody will find here something suitable and affordable. All the options are safe and totally comfortable for daily use.


Why choose us site instead of shopping in a usual store? Well, there are certain reasons for that:

  1. The catalogue is presented by modern stylish jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else. The collections are constantly renewed. We listen to our customers' opinion and introduce designs they crave for. Constant sales (for both single items and sets) and limited editions make our website a real find for all piercing fans.
  2. Our website exists to make your online shopping easy, safe and fast. Useful search by categories and full information are here to help you.
  3. Comfort and safety of wearing are top priority for our specialists, so all materials we use and all production we sell are certified.
  4. Delivery is out of charge if you make wholesale ($500 min.) or retail ($25 min.) orders.
  5. Do not hesitate to buy goods without trying to put them on - size chart allows defining the suitable size.
  6. Those who need more information can address our online consultants.

Shopping can be simple and fast with such a convenient site to search for items. Piercebody.com knows what you wish and will kindly offer all piercing accessories you dream of!

We offer you a huge collection of nose hoops jewelries made from gold, silver, bio-flex, 316 surgical steel that are very safe for daily use. The body part piercings are very much in trend today. In fact, the nose piercing is very common that includes bio flex nose piercing, gold nose piercing, silver nose piercing, steel nose piercing. All these jewelries are easily wearable and meant for frequent use. These nose jewelries are available in different colors and are embedded with colorful stones. Hurry!!