Nifty Plugs And Tunnels Steel Collection

Make the most of your ear piercings by decorating them with ear plugs and flesh tunnels. The anti corrosive surgical steel base of this jewelry has a distinct edge when it comes to the health and safety factor. However, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to beauty and aesthetics either! Simply log in to and have an enjoyable time checking out the wide range there. Gold anodized plug, wide flares, and funky shapes in ear plugs and tunnels are second to none and you are sure to bedazzle all your friends by wearing a sparkling jeweled variety in your pretty ears.


Our body jewelry store carries a huge stock in ear plugs and all the large gauge body jewelry as well as jewelry in standard gauges. These selection of ear plugs suits any style and size.

The latest design is an organic ear plug  expander o-ring. This piece is known as an organic ear plug with skull head which is a material of horn and born with the size of 3mm to 8mm.

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