Silicone Tunnels

Silicone body jewelry is jewelry that is made of silicone. The silicone jewelry keeps the piercing comfort. The flexibility of
silicone can be inserted into the piercing easily without causing much pain and clumsiness silicon tunnels.

Silicone plugs and silicone ear tunnels are two of the most loved silicone body jewelry Color changing plugs. The silicone plug is not just soft and purple tunnels
flexible but is also durable and offers long lasting strength.silicone tunnels

Silicon Smiley Magnetic Ear Plug Embossed Marijuana Silicone Ear Plug Embossed White Gecko Silicone Ear Plug

The silicone body jewelry comes in different stylish designs and because of such incredible style silicone body jewelry is one of the
most popular styles of jewelry accessory today.

Color Changing Silicone Ear Plug Expander Jeweled Color Changing to Blue Exclusive Silicon Ear Plug Body jewelry Multi Jeweled Milk White Silicone Ear Plug

Even though the silicone body jewelry is one of the most sought after fashion jewelry in these modern times, there are certain
things one should always remember while using silicone plugs or silicon gauges. The first thing about silicone body jewelry is that
they should only be used in healing piercings and not the healing ones.

This is because silicone jewelry if used in piercings that have not healed might cause irritation that may lead to infections.


A silicone plug might stretch the piercing to a great extent which is certainly not a great thing.
One should always keep the silicone jewelry clean so that it does not create any kind of skin problem. It is advisable that the jewelry be removed at night and also if possible one should avoid the silicone for a very long time in his piercing.

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