Milk White BioFlex Base Jeweled Belly Ring

Milk White BioFlex Base Jeweled Belly RingBelly/navel rings have existed for quite some time now and are still considered to be the sexiest body accessory. It is made from various materials and the latest to join the group is bioflex. Bioflex material is flexible and also eco-friendly as is quite easily understood from its name. Lovely bioflex belly rings are offered by Piercebody for the clients who love to have their navel pierced and flaunt their perfect body shape. The items are in milky white color with stones set inside them making them sparkle all the way. Since the material is bioflex mixed with UV the curved belly barbells will definitely glow under the sun and also LED lights.
The milky white bioflex belly barbell is available in various sizes so that you can pick and choose any of them according to your demand. If you are going to have a new piercing on your navel, then a visit to a professional piercer in a tattoo and piercing parlor is a must. The jewelry and the piercing tools are generally sterilized if it is a licensed parlor and you have to find that out first. However, if you are going to replace your existing belly jewelry, you can do it yourself at home. However, in this case you have to sterilize the jewelry yourself before inserting it into the piercing.
The first method you can follow is bleach treatment. Prepare a bleach solution with 1 part bleach powder and 20 parts water and soak the entire piece of jewelry into it for several minutes. Note that the entire jewelry including the balls in the end should be submerged into the bleach solution. This helps in disinfecting the jewelry item and makes it usable. You can also choose to immerse the jewelry piece into boiling water before the bleach treatment; be careful about the jewelry cooling off completely.
The other method is sterilizing the jewelry item by submerging it into boiling water. This method is most effective for steel jewelry which can be boiled before using. However, it is wise to boil the jewelry item and then treat it with bleach solution. Sanitizing the skin is also important and is done by applying Benzalkonium Chloride pads to the area before piercing. Rub the pads slowly on the marked zone before piercing so that the alcohol solution saturates the area. Wait for 45 seconds and then pierce.

Milk white, bioflex and UV, doesn’t it make an amazing combination for piercing jewelry items. Yes, you are right Piercebody has brought high quality bioflex UV bar and ball navel rings with stones to match at an extremely low price. What more do you want? It could be the best value for money if you are accumulating your pocket money to buy something cool before the college fest. The bioflex and UV navel ring is chic, cool and absolutely trendy. You can make your admirers swoon over it; your competitors jealous about it and of course make your boyfriend proud about your sense of style.
Navel rings are the best things to have happened to women. If you have an awesome looking midriff then there is no stopping from flaunting an out and out gorgeous belly button ring dangling with your movement. Well, you can also buy non moving ones according to your convenience since they do not get caught between clothes and are perfectly glamorous. The bioflex and UV belly rings are the best choice for beach wear where it will shine under the sunrays. Make yourself the talk of the town and woo the guy you have always had a crush on by putting a cool, funky and sexy navel ring.
When you go for a bioflex navel ring you are not just making a style statement but also an eco-friendly style statement. How cool is that?! Introduced in 2001, bioflex was first used in British fashion. The reason it is called bioflex because it is bio-compatible and hypo-allergic material which is also safe for skin. The best part about bioflex is that it replaced plastic jewelry which is deposited in the landfills every alternate day thereby curbing environment pollution.
Bioflex is extremely light, adaptable and decreases irritation. It also helps in healing the pierced area and hence is so popular these days. Experienced piercers and medical professionals recommend it for beginners. Bioflex accessories are quite colorful and also temperature resistant. They change color since they react to the UV rays which make it cool to wear. It will have a particular color during the day and then another during the night. Since they are flexible, they can be moved or bent easily to have better access and comfort. If you wish to reduce the bar you can simply use your scissors. Some come with bioflex retainers which can hide your piercing during any traditional gathering.

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