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 Luxury tunnels & plugs are universally used for stretching body jewelry, hundreds of inquires are received asking about its availability. Body jewelry enhancements are very popular which leads to a fantastic visual impact.plastic earring We make sure all the luxury tunnels and plugs are individually shaped, measured and smoothed. Anchor plug

Our quality body rage leopard print plugs allow easy insertion and they are indeed fun to wear! As per the fashion excerpts, UV anchor flesh plug (white), flesh colored tunnels;tunnel gauges UV White plugs square ear plug with a red star are selling in hotter numbers.

We provide the best and trendiest of the plugs that make your body look even hotter. With an array of choices and varieties available on this website, you always have a fantastic shopping experience. The latest luxury tunnels & plugs have fueled the eccentric world of body jewelry and we hit the metal right, as we have glow in the dark gauge for sale! Grab it before anyone else does it!


The attention grabbing products lined on this website makes you go even crazier, which highlights the best in you. Even style
icons and celebrities are smitten by it, so why not include you in the league? Start shopping now!

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