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Ear Rings

Ear Rings

Earrings are staple in every woman’s jewelry collection and without them, dressing up is incomplete. Not only women, men prefer earrings too, especially studs and small rings. Checkout our range of danglers, hoops, rings, studs and many others!

Shine with Sterling Silver & Yellow Gold Ear Rings

There is a simple reason we have gained credentials of being the most comprehensive body piercing online hub. We provide each type of conceivable body piercing, in their latest avatars, but with more-than-standard levels of purity of materials used and unbeatable wholesale price quotes. Ear Piercings is something we do rather well. This is particularly true for our range of 925 Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Piercings. 925 Sterling Silver ear rings have that steel like luster and the promise of outlasting minimal caring and years of usage. Just wipe your 925 Sterling Silver ear ring and it will gleam like a new jewelry item.

Gold Ear Rings are making their presence felt in mainstream body piercing market because of that yellow, golden charm. The creative team at Piercebody has been successfully creating never-tried-before designer ear rings. The idea is to be different but with substance—not creating bizarre body piercing jewelry, but boutique designs and mating it with high volume production capacity. This blend is not often found in the world of fashion jewelry.

Our body piercing collection is conceptualized by seasoned artists, crafted by master craftsmen and surpass the global standards in this category. You get the promise of quality-first approach even in wholesale or bulk orders.

Piercebody does Fashion Ear Rings Differently

The difference lies in the pursuit for quality. Every few weeks, the inventory is updated with new, unpredictable designs that have passed the quality inspection process. We have in-house quality assessment teams. Rather than churning out mimics of designs executed by other jewelry makers, our team stresses upon ingeniousness, ensuring our own collection of body jewelry is unique. We follow the 4C approach—Collection, Convenience, Customer Support and Class. This means a hassle-free shopping experience when shopping for ear rings or other types of body jewelry. Our range of direct-from-factory products means you get the best in wholesale prices on fashion jewelry! We ensure that your order is delivered in time at an address, no matter how close or remote.

Ear-Piercing Options Come a Full Circle at Piercebody

Our 925 Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold ear rings are designed for those overwhelmed by wearing heavy, expensive jewelry and don't prefer the unwarranted attention associated with bigger body piercings. Our efforts are channeled towards crafting modern jewelry that is lightweight yet durable and can be worn throughout the day as a fashion accessory. From sparkling crystals to gemstones, each ear ring and body piercing jewelry is meant to uplift your mood with its positive vibes and a dash of glamor.

  1. Bulk Pricing Policies – beating every other price quote in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry
  2. Expect quality checked, 100% sterile jewelry – a safer, trendier way to look fashionable
  3. Special discounts on premium products – don't wait for seasonal sales as our wholesale pricing platform is already the industry-best and available throughout the year
  4. Packaging, shipping and delivery network – each has been optimized to ensure we conserve energy, using eco-friendly and ethical business practices
  5. Global certifications of quality – gradually but with certainty, we have earned globally recognized certifications that underline our commitment to quality

Piercebody is a Leader in Gold Plated and Sterling Silver Ear Rings

At Piecebody.com, we pride ourselves on being creatively different with a cause. Our ability to dispatch goods on the same day, fully owned manufacturing and warehousing facilities, combined with an established pool of globally distributed dedicated buyers mean we are in business throughout the year. Daily order processing is a norm here, especially in the wholesale pipeline. Our list of direct sellers and resellers is getting bigger with every passing day. We also process special, on-request orders where the emphasis is on creating stunning fashion jewelry rather than bulk volumes.

We are committed to attain excellence in all facets of designer body jewelry, including an in-house team that delivers unique craftsmanship and a customer services team that is eager to help you make the most relevant selection…