Jeweled Heart Surgical Steel Navel Ring

Some men wear their hearts on their sleeves while some women wear them on their belly button. Women quite literally wear their hearts on their belly button especially those who love to wear navel rings or belly rings to adorn their sexy midriff and flaunt its perfect shape. Though for men it is just a saying, for women it is a style statement. Navel rings are one of the most sensuous body part piercings existing in the current times. It is bold yet aesthetic and transforms a plain Jane into a diva rapidly. It is one of the most powerful fashion trends defining body piercing.
It is surprising to note that navel piercing came to be accepted in the western world much later than many other types of body piercings, the common ones being nose and ear. It was during the mid 19th century when it came into forefront and women started getting their belly buttons pierced and flashing sexy or cute jewelry items. In fact, some celebs acted as role models in championing the case for belly piercings. Models like Naomi Campbell started wearing it to the ramp while a famous music video by Aerosmith displayed his girl getting her piercing which really made an impact on the youngsters. From that time to the present belly piercing has come a long way to impress women of any age with style, variety and fashion.
For some time it was also thought to be the choice of only youngsters but now the concept has changed and women of various age groups are flaunting beautiful belly rings confidently. This particular belly ring is made of surgical steel and looks attractive with stones set in the heart. It also has black enamel on it making it more enigmatic to look at. Surgical steel is one of the most popular raw materials for making body jewelry. One of the primary reasons behind its popularity is that surgical steel is a high grade metal which is safe for the skin. By wearing surgical steel navel rings you can avoid any sort of skin infections or irritations which are painful and delay your stretch to heal.
Another reason is that surgical steel jewelry items are cheaper than other counterparts like gold and silver. Hence, you will get a good deal at half the price. Surgical steel item also lasts longer than any other metal thereby ensuring durability and style at affordable price.

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