Green and Red Pineapple Dangling Silicone Earring

Green and Red Pineapple Dangling Silicone Earring

Pinapple Green And Red Siilicone Dangling Silver EarringEar piercing has existed through the ages and over the years the significance of ear piercing has changed quite a lot. An art which has now been accepted as a part of mainstream fashion was only known and practiced by few tribes in early times. However, as days passed by body piercing or modification became a part of fashion and now women and men have their ears pierced in every nook and corner of the world. Yes, it is very much a unisex fashion in the contemporary world. Both women and men enjoy pierced ears to flaunt their personal expression of style.

This dangling silicone earring brought to you by piercebody is a splash of color on your body. Its lovely colorful appearance will add brightness to your wardrobe especially to your beachwear during summer. Its vibrant color is eye catching enough to attract people’s attention. Since it is crafted from silicone it is quite flexible in nature and hence is unbreakable. It also glows in UV light which is fun to watch. The hook of the item is made of high quality 925 sterling silver which has a smooth surface. So, grab your piece this summer!

So, now if you have been inspired enough to go for ear piercing, let us give you a lowdown on the different types of ear piercings to keep you hooked onto experimenting with them. The types are:

  • Antitragus piercing- in this piercing the jewelry is placed across the tragus.
  • Daith piercing- daith piercing is cartilage piercing below the point where the helix links to the head.
  • Earlobe piercing- the commonest piercing. The soft tissue or lobule piercing at the bottom point of the ear is earlobe piercing. Some people have single piercing in their earlobe while others have multiple.
  • Forward helix piercing- this piercing is just above the connection point of helix and head which is just above daith piercing.
  • Helix piercing- helix piercing is done on the upper rim of the entire ear. It is generally done on the outer top rim of the ear. Some people get it done with multiple jewelry items.

The other types of piercing include industrial piercing on the top portion of the ear; conch piercing on the inner cartilage of the ear; orbital piercing, rook, tragus, snug, transverse and upper lobe piercing. You can have them pierced according to your wish.

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