The Elegant Gold Nose Ring Jewelry Collection

Nose piercing is famous among Asian countries, but now it’s making a mark all over the globe especially among woman. These nose rings are made of a 9k purest form of gold and embedded with gems. It also has stones in a different color and has various designs available. Having unique body art forms, hence these nose ring jewelry collection has been more accessible.


Gold nose ring jewelry collection is perfect for all occasions as it looks great. Different choices of gold in yellow, white and even a rose gold option is available. Another type from gold nose ring jewelry collection is the rose gold nose ring. Instead, of getting actual roses, ask for a rose gold nose ring. At least, they remain ever green and can be worn at any time. If you are not looking for any gold nose ring, you can choose this beautiful piece of anodized gold nose jewelry.

nose ring jewelry collection

Popular Designs of Gold Nose Ring Jewelry Collection

  1. Nose Hoops

Body piercing these days has become one of the most fashionable regimes for the young generation. Nose Piercing tries to become popular. Nose hoops are the stylish ring that attaches in the nose and is also easy to wear that fits very nicely. They come in various designs such as fitted with diamonds, colored gems, and others.

  • 14K Gold Hoop Nose Ring

The 14k gold star open hoop nose ring comes with a golden star which looks very stylish and trendy. This nose hoop is made of 14K solid gold, which has a smooth and glossy finish. This comes with a diameter of 8mm and thickness of 20g. This nose hoop’s shiny look will make the person wearing this glitter with beauty. They are now capturing the market like wildfire because of its capability to stand extreme wear and tear. Hence, these are fiery ball end 14k gold nose jewelry which is a hot seller for women who love to glamorize their nose. The gold used in these ball-end nose rings are made by artistic designers and forgeries with precision and quality.

Our range of open hoop nose rings is made from 14K gold that adds a touch of grace that only a precious metal like gold can bring. The diameter of this hoop nose ring is 8mm. It comes in two varieties of thickness- 20G and 22G. These are not only super chic but these can be carried with total élan no matter which outfit you decide to team this up with.

  • 22G Nose Hoop

For ages, nose hoop considers being one of the most elegant and beautiful body jewelry from nose ring jewelry collection. It has to make style statements with an effortless grace. Our range of 22g nose hoop comes with a star design and is made from 14K solid gold.

This has a thickness of 22G and the diameter of 8mm which is also an ideal size. Since this is made from 14K solid this is absolutely safe on the skin and is hypo allergic. This also makes for a great gifting choice for special occasions like wedding and the pricing is very affordable too.

  1. Nose Screw

This piercing has a cult following among the younger generation of women who have a broad fashion sense and explore new styles. Nose screws have unique designs which have a huge visual appeal and they come in various sizes and can be customized. UV internal nose screw has a huge following among people in the rock culture and the youngsters who are into gothic looks. Our Body Jewelry Store proudly presents gold flower nose screw. It consists of 5 high-quality clear Cubic Zirconia gemstones, a sweet handmade piece for everyday wear. This lovely body jewelry is a shaft that has a decorative end.

nose ring jewelry collection

Does Nose Piercing Hurt?

Of course not! Your worry of the nose piercing is nothing! Ranging from the scale from 1 to 10, it’s at scale 2. Nose piercing is just like an ant bite. It’s the needle which goes to the nose. At the point of a sudden bite, where the tears drop automatically. The feeling of an ant bite to the nose piercing is just for 5 minutes. After that, the pain vanishes. When taking care of the new piercing, don’t forget that you just pierced your nose. Try not to touch the piercing area and most of the time we tend to forget the piercing area isn’t healed, so don’t scratch the area or else it will get painful. If you plan to look good or give a change to your charming look, spare a few minutes in pain and look remarkably gorgeous a lifetime!

nose ring jewelry collection

Find the Elegant Gold Nose Ring Jewelry Collection Online

Nose is getting any part of adorning with jewelry like a nose piercing hoop, nose piercing studs, and nose rings etc. Nose piercing has become more of a fashion statement nowadays but they also form part of the tradition in many countries., an online jewelry shop specializes in selling nose ring jewelry collection. It has wide and endless options to choose from. Nose ring jewelry can have different shape and sizes and similarly, the nose piercing jewelry also has various designs to choose from.

Since nose ring jewelry collection is popular with the young generation as well as the older ladies. Our online shop sells reasonable body jewelry.  You can get them for a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. These nose rings are made of different material and the hypo-allergenic ones are also available.


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