Fashionable and Affordable Nose Rings

Nose piercing which was once sacred in many communities is now a trend-setting fashion statement. People who love to pierce their nose with stylish earrings have a new range of nose rings to flaunt.

The nose ring is preferable by women, especially as they respect to be a custom for ages in many cultures. It is a cheap and affordable gift for family and special someone. It also has a long shelf life and is wearable for formal and casual events, which make them more beautiful and elegant in the crowd.

History of Nose Piercing Jewelry

 Piercing various parts of the body and decorating it with beautiful jewelry has been in practice since the ancient times. No matter what the culture, age or sex of a person. Though this art got lost in the annals of time, it brings back with vigor in recent years.

9K Gold Nose Rings

Nose piercings and wearing nose rings are the second most common of all body piercings after ear piercings. It dates back to the ancient times of most cultures. In Indian culture since old age times till now, women undergo piercings on the left side of the nose mostly. Piercings and wearing nose rings regard as a sign of beauty, social standing and a way of honoring Hindu Goddess Parvati. This custom of nose piercing and decorating it with rings has now spread all over the world. Also, now both men and women across the globe do it although the percentage of women doing it is higher. Now nose piercings are done in the nostrils as well as the septum which is the skin between the two nostrils. Bridge piercing is done too although it is not very much in vogue. They are done by needle or stud gun.

Safety Care and Measures before Getting Nose Piercings

Care is important for sterilization to prevent infection. You should wash the piercing at least twice with liquid sanitizer after. Every time a layer of crusting appears. A saline solution should be used to wipe it off. Applying lavender oil also helps in the healing process.

 silver nose ring

High-Quality of Materials Used for Nose Rings Jewelry

The material or the element used in making any jewelry can actually be responsible for a few properties of a product. It may be in respect to appearance, durability or comfort. The type of material used becomes extremely essential. Similar is the relationship between the body jewelry material and the body jewelry.

Piercebody features wholesale body jewelry that is made of different body jewelry materials which cause zero percent chances of irritation or discomfort. This allows minimal room for infections and can make carrying body jewelry considerably simple. Moreover, these materials are high in quality and ensure very attractive appearance. Apart from the quality and appearance, the durability is also excellent.

anodized nose rings

Wide Variety of Fashionable Nose Rings

Nose piercing jewelry mostly rings. Small or large, every type of nose ring is for this purpose. Circular barbells, hoops, loops are the common types of rings available. Studs are also popular but rings are a preferable variety. The rings have precious stones and different designs. Rings enhance the beauty and give a distinct and peppy feel. Nose rings are the most trendy and cool and are now being popular by more and more people.The nose ring is now available in ample designs and sizes like stars, L-shaped, S-shaped and even hoop rings. It varies in metal combinations that are all hygienic for the human ear.

1. Gold Nose Rings

This new array of gold nose stud is the next best thing in nose jewelry. It also has a visual appeal which attracts even the most elite crowd and they are surprisingly economical and have no harm to human skin and can be worn all day. These new set of gold nose rings have a huge market worldwide because of its artistic designs and appeal. They are scratch proof and have a long shelf life and when worn by women, it just elevates their beauty and sex appeal to a whole new level.

  • 14K Gold Nose Screws

Nose rings are made unique and royal with this new artistically designed gold. 14k nose screws are hygienic for regular and party wear and more suitable for festivals and grand weddings. They are either in the shape of straight rings with curved ends or screw ends. It also has gold heads in various shapes like star, diamonds, dolphin, and custom made designs. These gold heads can also deck stones and diamonds of pure cut and have a great visual appeal. Women love these 14k nose screws because they just elevate their whole persona when worn and they are available at huge discounts.

  • 9K Gold Nose Rings

Nose rings with 9k gold have high durability and they have curvatures at one end where they can turn and easily adjust for one’s comfort and balance. Hence these are simple 9k gold screw nose rings where the screws make them distinct from other models. These 9k gold screw nose pins are used by millions of women and have an intimate connection with the ladies. They outshine by wearing these at all occasions and at all times. The jewelry has various colors and designs with stones and precious gems in one end which elevate the look.

nose ring designs

2. Surgical Steel Nose Rings

This nose piercing type is made of 316L medically approved surgical steel which has no ill effects on the human skin. They are in the shape of circular hoop rings which measure exactly 18 gauges.

  • 18 Gauge Nose Hoop Rings

These 18 gauge nose hoop rings have a huge fan following among the ladies. They love to flaunt the beauty of their nose with these hoop models and increase their style among the crowd. They are an essential body piercing accessory which all women have now with the huge discounts and worldwide delivery.

3. Sterling Silver Nose Ring Jewelry

Buying a 925 sterling silver jewelry is an investment that becomes more valuable as time passes by. 925 sterling silver jewelry is crafted very beautifully in high quality which cannot be replicated. Different trendy and unique designs which will woo you to buy them anytime with its class and designs. They are one of the kind pieces which you will receive at the lowest prices. Come and grab the best deals with a 100 % silver guarantee from Piercebody.

  • Clear Nose Rings

Clear nose rings will go a long way in defining your look when you decide to flaunt your nose piercing. Wide ranges of nose rings are made from 925 sterling silver and are crafted to perfection. It comes with a beautiful star design adorned with a high-quality rhinestone at its center. The rhinestone is available in white and in many other colors too. You can choose the one that suits you best. The length of the ball end is 6mm and the length of the straight end is 9mm. These are hypo allergic products.

 sterling silver nose ring

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