G23 Grade Titanium Nose Screw

Are you planning to give yourself a new look? Just go for it. However, visiting the salon and changing your wardrobe only will not give you the desired look. You need to do something about the way you carry yourself, the kind of jewelry you wear and the like. How about adding a smart nose screw to your jewelry collection? Initially you might feel a little uncomfortable wearing a nose screw. There is no reason for that. Nose jewelry, especially the ones like nose screw or nose bone makes you look different. In fact, it adds to the elegance of your personality.

You might also feel that putting on nose jewelry at a grown up stage can be quite painful. However, it is not completely true. Yes, you might feel a little piercing pain, but that is not enough to put you off from wearing nose jewelry. The good news is putting on a nose screw or a nose bone is not as painful as that of putting a nose ring. A nose screw stud sits more securely in your nose and is more apt for daily use. It sits flat along the inside of your nostril and can be worn even after you have just pierced your nose.

Nose screws are generally stud style jewelry and you can choose from a number of designs available. The most common are a small crystal, a gemstone, a star, a small round or even a heart-shaped stud. For the most suitable nose screws you can check out the many online stores. One such online store that offers you unique pieces is piercebody.com. They have a huge collection of G23 Grade Titanium nose screws. You will have access to a number of colors and shape as you browse through these online stores. One most interesting factor about these online stores is that they have prices that are comparatively lower than the offline stores. However, it is recommended that you buy a nose screw keeping in mind the shape of your face. If you have a small face, choosing a huge nose screw is not a good thing to do.

So get going with your style statement and flaunt to the world your sense of fashion by choosing a nose screw that is unique and in sync with your personality. One thing you need to keep in mind is that before you try out a screw in nose studs learn the process to put it on.

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