Full Finger Pewter Reaper Skull Armor Ring

Full Finger Pewter Reaper Skull Armor RingHow about something as dark and sinister as a reaper on your finger? Many would shy away from the idea but we know who won’t; the ones who love to experiment, who would embrace the cool and the different and would go out of their way to look not ordinary. Piercebody.com specializes in products that will appeal to such youngsters. As it is, men’s accessories need to be crafted with a lot of subtlety so as to make the design not too flashy or feminine. Rings are no exception. Very few men show the guts to wear rings without any excuse, just for decoration purpose. But for the ones who wear rings on a daily basis or even on occasions, we have good news! At our store, there is no dearth of variety.

Pewter is a very unique metal in itself. It is 90 percent tin and has parts of other alloys too. Ancient pewter had lead in huge percent but the jewelries that are crafted from pewter are lead free. In fact, we make sure that the pewter rings that we store are absolutely free of any alloy which may cause skin infections. We have pewter rings of different designs. What may catch the attention of a Goth lover is this full finger pewter reaper skull armor ring. Pewter has a very low melting point which makes it possible to make such intricate designs on the rough surface of this metal. You will be amazed to see the incredible amount of detail that has been put into creating the reaper’s face and cloak. The ring covers the full finger and is a free size product. It is best to wear this ring in casual events because the polish on the surface may wear off if worn while engaging in heavy activities or if worn all the time. But the best part is this ring needs very low maintenance. It will retain the luster if cleaned from time to time with mild soap with water.

The price of this full finger pewter reaper ring is $6.99. It will be delivered at your doorstep within days. The minimum and order quantity is two.

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