Pewter Dragon Armor Ring- Cool and Stylish

Full Finger Pewter Dragon Armor RingFull finger pewter dragon armor ring

Rings are great accessories. Even if you are not a big fan of accessories, you can always trust a ring to break the monotony of your look. Rings when chosen carefully can completely alter one’s style and they can be used to reflect one’s personality.

Many youngsters these days yearn for the gothic look. Black T-shirts, spiked hair, kohl rimmed eyes, and a complementary ring to go with it. You are all set to rock the goth party. A guy is always doubly choosy than girls about accessories because the variety in men accessories are less. Hence brings you this vast range of pewter full finger rings that are cool and stylish.

Pewter is an uncommon metal. It was generally used in the medieval times to make objects like figurines and coins. But with the trend of bringing in the retro touch in collectible figures, pewter is being used extensively to make jewelries, belt buckles et cetera. It is a metal alloy which comprises of mainly tin and other metals like lead, copper and antimony. But lead is quite harmful for skin. So, the pewter that is used to make jewelries and dressing accessories in recent times is all manufactured without lead. We assure you that our store keeps only lead free pewter products. The best jewelry manufacturers provide us with these rings which are completely free of any adulteration or harmful metal which may cause skin infection. We do not advise you to wear these rings on a regular basis; they should best be worn occasionally. Another feature of pewter rings is that they are very low maintenance.  You only need to wash the ring from time to time with mild soap and water. In case of decay, you can always have the ring polished back to shine again.

The ring at our display is the Full finger pewter dragon armor ring. The ring is of free size. It has a dragon armor etched on it with the finest intricate detailing that you will observe in a finger ring. This ring is perfect if you want to showcase a very dark look. The surface of this ring is very rough. The minimum order quantity is two. You can get these rings at a reasonable price of $6.99 each. This is in stock.

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