Look Funky with this Stylish and Unique Ear Flesh Tunnel

Flesh tunnels made of different materials that are available in various forms like expanders, bullet tunnels, ear studs, and earrings. This flesh tunnel jewelry is a result of unique craftsmanship and they are of various designs where they are embedded with colored stones and gems. It has even precious diamonds are fit and customize. Women love these designs because they wear with ease at all occasions and have no ill effects on the human skin. These flesh tunnels are rust free and have long product life and hence the constant demand globally.

Ear flesh tunnel jewelry is for the purpose of stretching the piercing made without any discomfort. It is made of surgical steel and safe for human use. It has a long life with scratch resistance and corrosion free.  When you wear ear plugs flesh tunnel jewelry, a lot of questions are being raised about what should be the perfect size of the ear tunnel. The best size comes in 5mm and 10mm ear flesh tunnel but to get the ear stretched, the type is always according to you.

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Types of Ear Flesh Tunnel

Anodized Flesh Tunnel Set

Anodized Flesh tunnel sets are a breakthrough in the fashion industry. They consider being a strictly Gothic, punk or emo. In recent times these types of piercings have slowly become widely accepted and extremely desirable. Nowadays, these Flesh Tunnel sets have become a fashion statement and a growing trend. It also brings a fresh look to those who adorn them. They are incredibly flexible, optimal for using daily.

White Anodized Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel has the material of 316l surgical steel an external screw type. These are high-quality precision flesh tunnels and are very comfortable to wear. Gold anodized plug, wide flares, and funky shapes in ear plugs and tunnels are second to none and you are sure to bedazzle all your friends by wearing a sparkling jeweled variety in your pretty ears.

Silicone Flesh Tunnel Jewelry

Silicon flesh tunnels are very comfortable to wear and they feel lightweight. These are often referred to as “squishy plugs” as they are squishy in nature.  These Silicone tunnels bring a fresh look to those who wear them. They are incredibly flexible, optimal for using daily. Silicone Tunnels are made of implant grade silicone and are light weight. They also fit nicely in ear without having to wear O-rings and are comfortable to wear.

Our bestselling silicone flesh tunnel jewelry of the week is a 5mm tunnel. Wide availability is various styles of high-quality silicon ear tunnels which sparkle and shines at the lowest prices. Flesh tunnels can be created with a range of designs and from a variety of materials of soft and flexible flesh tunnel. Silicone tunnel is not only soft but flexible and comfortable

Surgical Steel

The anti-corrosive surgical steel base of this jewelry has a distinct edge when it comes to health and safety factor. However, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to beauty and aesthetics either.  This selection of ear plugs suits any style and size. The latest design is an organic ear plug expander O-ring. This piece is known as an organic ear plug with skull head which is a material of horn and born with the size of 3mm to 8mm.

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Ear Flesh Tunnel Sizes

  • 3mm

Ear piercing has become common and the body jewelry has a different genre where ear piercing attaches with flesh tunnels where the size is of 3mm. This 3mm Tunnel piercing uses to expand the hole. They are of hollow tube shapes and surgical steel. These 3mm tunnels can also be customizable to different sizes and the surgical steel tunnels by blasting blue over the tunnel rings which gives it a blue rush when wearable by men and women. It is a definite crowd pleaser in clubs and parties.

  • 4mm

Our 4mm ear flesh tunnel has different styles of ear expanders, sold in singles (individually).  This is a color changing jeweled silicone ear plug which we provide different shades of the color changing in purple, green, fuchsia, blue and yellow. The finest place to purchase the 4mm ear plug is at our body jewelry store. We offer different choices of metal materials from silicone, UV to surgical steel.

  • 5mm

These are the best-selling 5mm surgical steel screw fit ear flesh tunnels. It is the best-selling ear tunnel for the Australians in different metal materials but we have all of them available in 5mm. We value the Australians doing business with us and appreciate to hear from them.

  •  6mm

6mm ear tunnels can be found in all styles and always available in our body piercing jewelry online store. The 6mm ear flesh tunnel has a style of its own.  Black-line Checker Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel is one of the most captivating pieces with external screw type.

  • 8mm

The best size of an ear tunnel is an 8mm. However, it receives the ecstatic body jewelry only at our gallery of wholesale body jewelry and retail body jewelry. Our online body piercing jewelry store offers a variety of ear flesh tunnels 11 mm tunnel in the newest design of organic plugs, silicone plugs, surgical and more.

  • 12mm/14mm

Our body piercing jewelry store has also 12mm expander  which provides the most exquisite features of a silicon ear plug. 12mm/14mm, 1.2 mm screw stays as one of the best-selling piercing jewelry in ear tunnels. This body jewelry piercing store offers the most captivating style of 12/14 mm

  • 20mm

Body piercing plugs and tunnels are available in 20mm. The 20mm ear tunnel of the anodized ear tunnel features an extra addition to the collection because of our gold anodized. It brings the style of having CZ stone that attaches the piece look extraordinary and gives an additional glamor to the piece!


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Popular Ear Flesh Tunnel Jewelry Designs


1. Spinning Flesh Tunnel

Steel Spinning Fan Flesh Tunnel is an eye catching design that is made from high-quality 316L Surgical Steel with moving fan blades. The earlier spinning flesh tunnel jewelry was a jeweled spinning ear tunnel but this one is a just a plain double flared ear flesh tunnel.

2. Male Steel Flesh Tunnel

The male charm or the male flesh tunnel CZ gem is the external screw type with the size of 5mm to 16mm. This is known as an AAA Stone Multi Jeweled Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel. Gem plugs are from 5mm to 12mm and its metal material of 316L Surgical Steel.

3. Hexagonal Tunnel

This black-line hexagonal ear flesh tunnel has one attachable end.  These plugs are from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and are polish.  It is a unique piece of an ear plug that stands to be one of the best-selling anodized ear flesh tunnels.

4.Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

 This beautiful piece of screw fit logo ear tunnel has an adhesive piece of the ear plug rainbow ear tunnel. It falls to be a surgical steel internal screw plug from 3mm to 24mm. The actual checkered in black and white spider web along with the Cartoon Network style!

5. Non Pin Ear Tunnels

They are available from sizes 8mm to maximum 20mm. These pink ball non-pin tunnels are suitable for casual and formal wear. They are surely a crowd pleaser and is wearable by both sexes and are available with jaw dropping prices.

 flesh tunnel

 6. Smiley Ear Tunnels

New designs of 2mm ear gauges are designed with logos of smiley faces embedded on the outer surface. The materials used are UV properties and the glowing characteristic pleases everyone if worn in a crowd. These 2mm ear gauges can be a real mood pleaser because of the pleasant smiley logo on the surface. They can be corporate gifts or for regular wear. It has no effects on human skin and they are available with huge discounts.

7. Jamaican Weed Tunnel

Find the best value of the Jamaican weed tunnel also known as Rasta marijuana plug. This offers a high quality of 316l surgical steel which is Rasta Marijuana Crystal Flesh Tunnel. This is an externally threaded type.

The exquisite marijuana ear tunnel is an interesting ear plug made from 316L surgical steel is an internal screw fit of a green pot leaf.

8. Leopard

The leopard ear flesh tunnel jewelry has a glittering and fascinating style of the ear tunnels. The double flared ear plug tunnel is one of the popular ear flesh tunnels.


Where to Find Ear Flesh Tunnel

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