Latest Trend of Fashionable and Affordable Nose Pins

Nose piercings have gained popularity around the world. It is one of the most popular piercing after ear piercing. Understandably, the demand for nose pins has also gone up over the years. These are believed to be quite fashionable and cool these days. These are available in various alluring designs, an array of colors and patterns. These awesome nose jewelry which is mostly available in the form of rings, studs or pins are actually a great accessory that creates a gorgeous look. You can get these amazing varieties of nose jewelry at reasonable prices.

Nose pins are an elegant way to accentuate your face and make you look graceful. These have the rare ability to instantly add allure and great appeal to the wearer and offer a degree of mystique and sensuality which most of the women usually look for. Nose ring jewelry has been one among the women’s most favorite and traditional jewelry. However, it is necessary to take adequate care of the pierced area especially when it is still healing. It is also necessary that you go to a good piercer for the same. They will explain how to take care of the piercing and ensure that it is not closed in the absence of proper care.

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Types of Nose Pins

 There are a number of nose pins to make your choice. These include 9k ball- end nose pins, L-shaped nose pins, 9k screw nose pins, and 9k diamond nose pins. There are stylish 9k ball- end nose pins as well. You can also look for the same online as there is a wide variety available. You can carefully select a design of your choice and even buy a number of pieces. It can team up with different outfits and on different occasions. It is nothing short of a treat and you definitely have a wide assortment to choose from.

1. Gold Nose Pin

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but nothing can beat gold when it comes to tradition and style. Flaunting a gold nose pin had been the tradition of the Eastern world so far. The West has learned the art of embellishing the nose with a quaint gold nose pin late. So you have beautiful stars, femme fatales, and divas seeking to make a bold statement via gold nose pin. You can join the fray too now by choosing from the wide array available in Gold hoops to screw-in studs, there is no dearth of choices for highlighting your nose.

Gold nose pins are very common and quite typical in the Indian culture.  Some of the pins are studded with precious stones such as ruby, diamond, and also pearl. These golden nose rings are available in multiple shapes and size varying from single studded stone to multiple stud stones. Since gold is considered to be the most precious metal for decades, it is valued a lot. It’s wise advised shopping gold nose rings from the well renowned and authenticated jewelry shop. You will get all sorts of golden nose rings ranging from traditional style to contemporary styles. It’s the perfect time to pick your latest design of golden nose rings and enhance your beauty.

9K gold ball end nose pin

  • 14K Gold

Elegant nose pins with jeweled ball ends are made from 14K gold. These attractive nose pins are available in white and yellow solid gold. The jeweled end is in the form of a clear stone, round cut. The stone is set into the pin in a pronged setting, which only serves to increase the durability and longevity of this product. These beautiful and attractive nose screws with jeweled ball ends are available in 3 sizes of stones. Now, you can choose the size of the stone that’s perfect for you and one that matches your personality.

  • 9K Gold

Gold nose pins are the finest body jewelry, which is largely used for piercing the nose. These eye catching nose rings 9k gold is an attraction for a woman of all ages and user-friendly product 18k gold. They are presented in various designs like L-shaped nose pins and ball shaped pins with a ball at one end and also available in screw models. These gold nose pins are very economical and can be used to turn a few heads in the work place or parties. To take the 9k gold nose rings to the net level diamonds and gems are embedded at one end to make a grand style statement for all women.

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2. Gold and Diamond Nose Pin

When it comes to gold diamond nose rings, we offer the best reliable source for nose piercing collection. No doubt, in the entire Bangkok (we as a proud body jewelry manufacturer) offers the best! We guarantee the quality as well as the price. Nose pins are currently shining among other released nose piercing jewelry. Nose body jewelry comes in various models like one with screws, studs, twisters and nose tails and circular rings. All these models will have diamond crusted into them, which revamps their look and increases grandeur. Diamond 9k Gold nose pins are available in different shapes and sizes. It has the purest 9k gold and certified diamonds and is apt for regular use and are scratch resistant. They are suitable for grand occasions and events which illuminate once facial expressions.

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3. Surgical Steel Nose Pins

Keep your nose piercings gorgeous with the wide range of Surgical Steel Nose Jewellery. Check the vast selection of surgical grade stainless steel nose pin jewelry from jeweled nose bone in various colors to nose ring. is the perfect place to purchase 316l Surgical Steel nose pins. We have all styles of steel nose pins. We offer open nose hoop the highest quality nose jewelry on the market at the best possible price.

Stop worrying your head if you are a newbie to the world of body piercings. The jewelry that is going to show off your piercing admirably can be both beautiful and safe to use. While the old adage of, ‘No Pain: No Gain’ might be true to some extent, it has 18g nose absolutely no relevance when it comes to the lovely body jewelry from Made from safe for the skin materials, the newcomers to the world of body piercing jewelry can rest easy while displaying their ear studs, tunnels, navel and tongue rings along with more familiar earrings and nose pins.

Nose piercings have a huge fan following especially in the Asian countries where women love to pierce their nose. Nose stud here is made of high-grade 316l steel which is hygienic and is in the shape of straight pins and bent nose studs where the lower end is curved. These unique designs are made with artistic and class craftsmanship. Women love to flaunt them because of the unique designs and embedded gems and stones. It gives a grand visual appeal when worn. Nose studs are cheap and can last long with regular wear and tear.

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4. Silver Nose Pin Jewelry offers an exquisite style of nose jewelry collections in 925 sterling silver nose pin. Available are gem-studded or logo nose studs in hello kitty, skull nose ring shape or any other sort. Our body piercing jewelry store offers a high end 925 sterling silver. We specialize in sterling silver jewelry collection. We offer various styles of silver jeweled nose pins and they are in the finest quality rhinestones.

Treat yourself with the finest quality and the most comfortable wear of the silver nose pins. The dazzling silver nose pin is a soft sparkle and will grab everyone’s attention. It is definitely will add touch to glamor with any outfits.

  • Black Silver Nose Pin 

Make a bold statement with the most attractive and eye catching silver nose pins, ‘black silver nose ring‘. With the most fantastic smooth silver to glitter wonderfully with the attached black stone and this will give you style an instant boost every single time.

  • 9k Ball End Nose Pins

9k ball end nose pins come in different shapes, sizes and of course designs. While some of them have beautiful and intricate designs, others come in a stone studded Pierce. You can also choose from colored stone-studded nose pins to match your outfit. You can also ask your piercer about the kind of nose pins that you can wear. They will be able to guide you well in this regard and also inform you to decide regarding the metals that you can choose for your nose pin.


 gold ball end nose pins


What You Need to Know Before Choosing Nose Pins

In choosing nose pins, it is important that you keep in mind a few essentials. Choose a pin that is extremely lightweight so that it doesn’t hurt after you have worn it for some time. It doesn’t have to be big in order to be beautiful. Even a small 9k ball-end nose pin with a stud can look quite stunning and attract the attention of onlookers. Whenever you are purchasing one, take into account the shape of your nose as well. This will be easier for you to choose especially when you buy online and can’t put it on to check.

Finding an Affordable Nose Pin, one of the popular nose piercing jewelry store brings elegant nose pins. We provide elegant nose pins different materials, types, styles, and designs. They’re one of the glorious charms excellent that no one beats the incredible style of nose pins. We also bring you the most elegant collections for nose pins, rings, studs, hoops. We specialize it and we are also one of the leading distributors of body jewelry located in Thailand. Adore your nose body jewelry and make your piercing special in a wholesale method or get fascinated with the outstanding selection of retail selections!


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