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Nose Rings

Nose Studs

"Nose pins become more and more popular. This style has come from India where almost every woman has this original jewelry. Variety of nose rings is great and you can choose pins according to your style and flavor. History of nose pins Many centuries ago Indian women pierced their noses with beautiful luxurious nose jewelry. It was considered that if young bride glitters with golden rings, bangles, necklaces and chains she used to be rich and respectable. Nose rings are used not only for body decoration but they are part of ancient Hindu tradition. It’s possible to wear jewelry in different ways: On septum – cartilage between two nostrils. On left nostril. It’s the most popular way of nose jewelry wearing. It’s Ayurveda medicine tradition which allows becoming pregnant and protects from pain during menstrual days. It allows to make the childbirth easier, and to be always desired by girl's husband. It’s not acceptable to wear nose rings on right nostril. Nose rings types Piercebody.com provides plenty of nose jewelry of different colors and designs. You can exclusively decorate yourself with gorgeous sparkling studs, pins and rings. There are several highly demanded types of nose decorations: Bio Flex. Bio Flex nose studs online are the best variant for initial piercing as they are flexible and relatively soft. It’s possible to make them shorter using scissors. Usually this jewelry looks like a stud decorated with attractive artificial stone. It contains no nickel and is anti-inflammatory. Gold jewelry. If you prefer exclusive original gold jewelry these rings and pins are especially for you. You can buy nose hoops with small elegant stones, nose pins of different colors, fake nose hoop and studs with Amethyst and Zircon directly online. Silver jewelry. Piercebody.com proposes wholesale of nice charming 925 silver studs and screws. Here you’re able to choose not only strict pins and hoops but romantic exquisite hearts, stars and dolphins. You’ll surely find something attractive, for example silver studs with pearls, chain dangling pins and moving ring studs. Surgical Steel nose pins. Surgical steel is safe and acceptable for nose rings and bent pins. Such jewelry has a reasonable price and original stylish design. Nose rings allow emphasizing your individuality and standing out in successful way."