Fake Ear Piercing Plug Styles that Enhances Your Look

Fake ear piercing plugs are body jewelry that is used for piercing the ears. Ear piercing has always made its mark. Lately, people are retorting to fake tapers to give their ears a stretched look. This is also a very cost-effective step and does not even cause any pain.

fake ear piercing style

Both men and women use fake piercing plugs because of its compact size and numerous shapes and designs available. They are user-friendly and have a huge sex appeal when worn and it surely turns a lot of heads when worn in parties and events. Nonetheless, it’s very important to choose the right kind of ear expander for you.

Fake gauge earrings and expander are available in different shapes and styles including the long tail, spiral, and circular, taper and lots more. There are gorgeous gold and lovely black color fake plugs, as well as stretcher plugs, straight ear expanders at the online store and these are available at affordable prices.

Fake Ear Piercing Plug Designs and Sizes

  1. Surgical Steel Ear Expander Fake Ear Piercing Plug

    We have a wide range of fake spiral ear expanders which comes in the quirky and bold dart frog design. These are available in two varieties-either made from UV material or surgical steel. These come in many sizes ranging from 3mm to 8mm thus giving you quite a few options to choose from. These are tested to be safe on the skin and are very affordable too.
    surgical steel fake ear piercing

  2. Weed Design Fake Ear Stretcher

    The exquisite fake ear stretcher can be selected from the logotype. Fake ear stretcher fake stretcher weed plug is made from steel and UV.

    weed fake ear piercing

  3. Glowing Style Fake Ear Piercing Plug

    Ear piercings are a common household item to make them more precious and likable this new range of glowing fake ear tapers is made. These are made with industrial equipment with artistic designs and they have a long product life and are custom made with various shapes and sizes and colors are also used in making them. The materials used are UV with surgical steel which is safe for human use.

    glowing fake ear piercing

    These UV spiral fake tapers for ears are loved by women who love being wild and funky. They can sue them for parties, clubs and are sure show stoppers when worn. They are unbelievably cheap and form lovable gifts for all occasions.

  4. Multi-colored Ear Piercing Plug

    These new collections of ear expanders are made of surgical steel and a combination of steel and UV material to make these fake plugs. These ear plugs have the sole purpose of making the piercing look thick and wide without any pain and they are available in various designs and shapes like spiral designs, Screw plugs, screw fit flared, gold plugs, steel and organic ear fake expanders.

     multi-colored fake ear piercing

Men and women use these fake body jewelry expanders to make their ears look fashionable and are economical at the same time and also can be gifted to near and dear ones.

How safe is Your Fake Ear Piercing Plug

Fake ear plugs are made of surgical steel which is hygienic and safe for human skin. They vary in sizes from 1.2 to 6mm and are available at huge discounts when ordered in bulk quantities because of its constant demand.

Create your own exclusive style statement with fake ear tunnels expander. Earplugs are beautiful accessories that add extra elegance and appeal to your overall look. There are several types of ear plugs, ear tunnels as well as an expander. These accessories are great options to consider if you desire to have a plug or tunnel piercing.
 jeweled fake ear piercing

Piercebody.com has a wide range of fake ear piercing plug made from different materials. It is ranging from- UV material to surgical steel to gold. These tests approve of being safe on the skin without causing any allergies or irritations. There is a wide variety of designs of every kind to suit all your need. You can opt for something bold or go for the simple disc type fake plug. These are also available at great discount prices.


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