Enchanting Ear Claw Taper

Revel in your new found status of being the most stylized person in town by flaunting your jaw gaping ear piercing. True, the initial piercing will not be too obvious as it tends to stay hidden from the eye unless you are wearing real striking ear jewelry. You can always opt for stretching your ears though by doing it one step at a time in order to avoid mishaps and injury.
Gradually expand your ear piercing with the aid of this specialized taper jewelry that can go into your pierced hole and stretch it a bit more every time you choose to use it. Check out the gorgeous Ear claw taper in anodized surgical steel available at www. piercebody.com. The shape is definitely pleasing to the eye but the function of the steel  ear expanders is fulfilled completely too.
Read the instructions or visit your local piercing parlor in order to get the details about how you can go about it. The taper in the shape of a claw comes in 4 distinct pieces, to be used during each stage of expanding your ear piercings. Wait for the piercing to heal properly first before you can insert the taper for the first time. A month or two will do. However, be careful not to hurt yourself too grievously while trying to stretch your ears beyond the normal expansion.
Cleaning your ears properly is also important. More so after removing the taper left inside your ear piercing for 2-3 days. Anodized steel jewelry is regarded to be most safe for a body piercing. However, the process involves coating the surgical steel with those titanium, one of the most irritation and infection resistant metals. The process not only renders the Ear claw taper to the aesthetic antiseptic, it also appeals to the aesthetic sense of the wearer via its bright colors. The coating is extremely durable that makes the claw taper jewelry go on for years and years making it a cost effective proposition for you.
Check out the piercebody website for a variety of colors in tapers that can be worn simply as an item of jewelry as well. Choose between yellow, blue, purple, green, and a spectacular rainbow hue and delight in having an Ear claw taper that keeps you safe from unwanted infections and allergies and elevates you to the most striking person ever thanks to the ear stretcher that you have found for yourself.

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