Engaging an Extra Style with Crystal Jewelry Collection

Most of the fashion jewelry these days comes with Crystals. These crystals jewelry uses to create different styles and types of crystal jewelry. They are especially relevant for youngsters. They are not only adorable but are also affordable at the same time.

These crystal jewelry come in almost all colors like White, blue, green, yellow, red and mixed. It could also suit to the costume’s color worn. This also comes in different shapes. Crystals, when worn with different pieces of jewelry, makes it a funky jewelry design. Different kinds of crystal jewelry collection include sterling silver, Aqua Crystal, Emerald crystal.

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Types of Crystal Jewelry Collection

  • Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants are also made with embedded crystal on them. This is due to the shape that you desire. This shape includes either starfish, heart, butterfly, leaf, dolphin or even other custom shapes and artistic designs. These pendants also use crystals as dangles to look like more elegant and beautiful. They have a grand and royal visual appeal which makes it desirable to buy. It also suits for every occasion and is suitable gifts for loved ones too.

crystal pendants


  • Silver Crystal Earrings

One of the attractive ranges of crystal jewelry collection is the silver crystal lip rings for the ears. They seem like very elegant because of the 925 sterling silver. Tragus piercing jewelry also has healing properties and a lasting shine. It is also very durable that can be wearable for a longer period of time. Almost all of the people have getting hook with these lip-style earrings. They probably have the lowest price tag which attracts women probably with its artistic and visual treat.

Add a little sparkle to your life with a stunning pair of the earrings.  Diamonds are forever and always said a girl’s best friend. We opt for crystal because they’re less expensive as well as their sparkle, shimmer and a perfect accomplishment for all occasions.

crystal earrings

  • Crystal Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Piercing the eyebrow is probably the most sensitive process. It is because it’s a sensitive body part. Hence, this new array of anti eyebrow piercing is the most modern design for body piercing lovers. These banana bars are in the shape of curved steel barbells with steel balls at both ends. It also has an attach crystal stones at one end. It is almost available in different colors and sizes.

These crystal stone eyebrow bananas make the eye’s glitter and make which is most noteworthy for people. With its visual attraction, women will love to flaunt this crystal jewelry because of the affordable.


  • Crystal Nose Pin

This set of crystal nose pin is made from 9K solid yellow gold and comes with a beautiful crystal white color in the center. The thickness of this unique nose rings is 22G and the crystal is cut in a perfectly round shape. These are available in three sizes-1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. In addition, you can choose the right pair for you depending on your sense of style. These are also tested and found to be hypoallergic to the skin. They also come at affordable prices.

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  • Crystal Bracelets

These crystal jewelry bracelets are truly majestic and can surely transport you back in time making you feel like a queen. There are interesting shapes that can vary from the uniform tiers to look for funky designs.

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  • Finger Ring Crystal Jewelry

Finger ring jewelry is a beautiful comeback for the fashion world. There is a wide selection of designer inspired jewelry which has the finest quality. The unique collection of crystal rings on a surgical steel base. Either a funky shape or a classic one is bound to keep you thrilled. Red, white, black or blue you are not going to be short of varieties when it comes to the color either.

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Check out Piercebody.com for a wide variety of crystal jewelry collection. A crystal ball jewelry looks out of this world for sure but you are going to be even more mesmerizing by wearing a pink crystal jewelry butterfly on your petite ears.

While the beautiful shapes are likely to steal your heart, the spectacular earring, finger rings, nose ring and pendant crystal sets can serve you in the same way as the ones crafted out of precious metal.


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