Black and Green Pattern Invisible Fake Ear plug takes your Fashion ’ism’ to the next level with its all new spiral fake ear plug in black and green pattern. Here’s why you should try it out.

What is invisible fake ear plug?
Invisible fake ear plug is a good way to flaunt the look of an ear plug without going through any permanent modification on the earlobes. This type of jewelry fits into any standard-sized piercing while giving the illusion of a real ear plug.
This particular jewelry is made from UV acrylic material and stainless steel.

What is UV acrylic?
Ultra Violet body piercing jewelries are nowadays widely manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Commonly called Acrylics and Acrylic resin, they come from polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. As far as safety is concerned, recent data indicates that the human body tolerates acrylics exceptionally well.
This particular style of UV Black and Green Invisible Fake Ear plug reacts to special UV lights and is thus, perfect for night time style.
So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Various sizes of the same spiral design from 3mm to 8mm.
  • Lower cost than the real ear plugs.
  • Light weight that is much easier to carry than the real ear plugs.
  • Much comfort to wear without causing any possible hazard to your tender lobes.
  • Colorful effect that glows under special lights of discos and sunlight.
  • Low maintenance hazard and;
  • Your signature body art look without really compromising with your natural beauty, family traditions or professional requirements.

Why this fake ear plug?

  • The spiral shape of this fake ear plug is funky and mischievous. It would be great with this jewelry if you wish for flamboyance in your style with an expression of self confidence in your attitude.
  • Suitable for casting casual or quick quirky look.
  • The kisses of the black stripes on the green texture in this faux ear plug create a mysteriously desirous impact, sure to fetch attention from all corners.
  • The spiral shape can go with any face cutting and shall match any hairstyle whatsoever.

So now it is all the way easier for you to create your customized signature look in quick movement, sure to put the world at your feet wherever you go. Grab it fast!

Author: pbblog

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