Bio flex Madonna Labrets for Sensitive Piercings

Bio flex Madonna labrets are quite comfortable to wear. These are available in colored or clear gems that are lined till the visible end. These are extremely soft and flexible and are therefore preferred by even first time users. If you have extremely sensitive skin, bio flex Madonna labrets are what you need to buy. These are extremely safe and therefore there are hardly any chances of an infection.

Why Choose Bio Flex Madonna Labrets over Traditional Piercing Jewelry?
As is evident from the name bio flex Madonna labrets, these are meant for Madonna piercings or upper lip piercings on the side of the lip. It is also referred to as Monroe piercing after the beauty spot on top of Marilyn Monroe’s lips. The labret studs are often worn with a small threaded ball. Often micro jewelry is used for such piercings which can be done at 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm. One needs to be careful during such a piercing and with jewelry for such piercings as excessive rubbing of the jewelry against the gums and teeth can cause damage to the same. Therefore, it is necessary to wear bio flex Madonna labrets which do not pose any such threats.  Such damage can be easily avoided this way. Also, the site of the piercing should be cleansed regularly with the help of a saline solution. Moreover, make sure to use an appropriate mouthwash and also refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol until the spot has healed completely.

Why are Bio Flex Labrets In Vogue?
Bio flex Madonna labrets are a perfect alternative to surgical steel jewelry for piercings. It is one of the latest trends in body jewelry. The labrets are made from hypoallergenic acrylic and are therefore suitable for piercings in such a sensitive area as the upper lip. They also make the area heal faster than other materials. Available in different styles and colors, these can easily complement your wardrobe and be a perfect accessory for any outfit that you wear on any occasion.
The labrets used for the piercing measure 14, 16 or 18 gauge labrets, whose bars are made shorter once the pierced area has healed. A Monroe body jewelry piercing heals much faster than other piercings and the estimated time for such healings is between 8 and 12 weeks. It can however be a bit painful as this part of the body comprises a number of nerves.

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