What is the best material for a Lips Labret?

Piercing body parts and decking it up with eye catching jewelry has been in vogue since time immemorial. People of all cultures, sexes and ages have done it. Although this practice died down a little bit in time, it is back with a bang.

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What is lip labret?

Labret is a type of body piercing that generally means a piercing which is done in the area below the bottom lip, above the chin.

There are different types of labret piercings that are being done these days. Vertical labret, spiderbites and lowbret are the popular variants. These types of piercings have now become the “in-thing” and men and women all over the world are undergoing labret piercings to give a stylish and unique look to their personality. It takes 6-8 weeks to heal and is quite safe.

Best material for labret piercings

Though jewelry made of various types of materials are worn in such piercings, the best jewelry for labret piercing should be those that are made from bio-compatible and inert materials. Nickel should be avoided.

  • Medical grade stainless steel, surgical stainless steel which passes ASTM or ISO standards are the most recommended and used because it is most safe, prevents infection and easily adaptable to the human body.
  • Implant grade titanium is also very much in vogue and they are safe, infection resistant, hypo allergic and compatible with the body.
  • Platinum is another material of choice. It should not be the first material immediately after piercing but it can be safely worn later.
  • Solid 14 or 18 carat nickel free yellow or white gold and niobium can be worn too.
  • Also the jewelry should have very fine polishing, mirror finish and ultra smooth surface. Scratches, nicks, burrs, poor finishing may result in infection, delayed healing, building up of scar tissue. Before buying, you should inspect the item thoroughly.

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Author: Aaron Benson

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