Beautiful Black PVD Plated Dangling Tragus Piercings

Get ready to take your style to another level altogether. Opt for a tragus piercing just in front of the ear canal that is the current rage of the hip and happening crowd now. Experienced folks, however, do not have any painful experiences associated with their tragus piercings as the area contains very few nerve endings, a fact that makes it easier for the person piercing it. The tragas piercing can easily be done with the help of a hollow gauge needle commonly utilized for inserting piercing jewelry. The piercing itself can be made in a straight or curved manner irrespective of the kind of jewelry you are going to wear. While captive beads, straight barbells, and plain rings are more popular for tragus piercing, you are welcome to try something uncommon and opt for a dangler that hangs straight down from your pierced tragus.
The attractive, colorful danglers can certainly add an extra edge to your glamour quotient. You can safely look all dressed up by wearing a pair of tragus danglers without actually choosing to wear expensive clothes or being dressed to kill. You can also tone down your look interestingly by wearing a pair of tragus danglers too.
You can definitely go for gold plate curved or silver along with safe materials like bio flex when you are shopping for tragus danglers. But the best bet is to select the unique and wonderful PVD or physical vapor deposition black coating for your exceptional tragus jewelry meant to show off your ear piercing. The aesthetic value of this jewelry is great no doubt but the safety of the ear danglers that are inserted from the front end of the ear canal is of paramount importance as far as PVD plating is concerned. The coating is actually added to the outer layer of the surgical steel jewelry and does not cause any harmful effects on the skin. Cleaning of the jewelry can be done thoroughly and getting rid of tiny microbes otherwise invisible to the naked is possible via autoclaving or sterilization procedures that can be done on black PVD plated dangling tragus piercing jewelry.
It is important to let the piercing heal itself for about 8 weeks before you try inserting the PVD coated danglers through your tragus piercing though. Cleaning of the ear with water and a mild cleansing solution should also be carried out by rotating the jewelry. Do not forget to look for a flat plate at the back of your danglers, which will help you to put on earphones and wear tragus jewelry at the same time.

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