5mm ear tunnel

Flesh tunnels are a kind of body jewelry that is used in stretched body piercing. The flesh tunnels are so designed so that can keep the stretched piercing intact in its current size while keeping the space open in the middle of the piercing.steel screw tunnel

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These are usually hollow rings that are made of different kinds of material like silicone,acrylic, surgical steel etc.

Many people wrongly assume that flesh ear plugs and flesh ear tunnels are the same but they are different in the sense that a plug is solid and a tunnel is hollow.

These days the silicone ear plugs jewelry has become very famous. This is because they are soft and very flexible and do not hurt the piercing while being inserted. These silicon plugs and tunnels come in different colors. A famous colored silicone tunnel is the pink ear silicone tunnel that looks beautiful and cute. There are many other attractive colors and designs available.

One of the bigger sizes silicone stretchers that keep the ear stretched is the 6mm silicone stretcher. It is also called the 2g silicone stretcher.
The collection is just too large and the deals are great. This site sells wholesale silicone tunnels and plugs.

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Flesh tunnels are mostly meant for placement in earlobes and people sport them in stretched ear lobes such as the ones at the septum. Before being integrated in the urban fashion culture flesh tunnels and plugs were a tradition among the ancient tribes.

Any kind of flesh tunnel is available in three different kinds of fittings. They are single-flared, double flared and screw-backed.

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