Types and Designs of 2mm Dermal Anchor Tops

The latest trend in today’s fashion in the world of body piercing is 2mm dermal anchor jewelry. It is the mix of piercing on the surface and implant. Dermal anchors or “surface anchors” “Transdermal anchors”, Microdermals or “anchors” made from high-quality Grade 23 Titanium. It is super shiny, internally threaded. Dermal anchors are single point piercing jewelry and can be placed done just about anywhere imaginable.

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Different Types and Designs of Dermal Anchor Tops

One kind of 2mm dermal is the black top disc dermal anchor. Our body jewelry piercing store uses the high quality of titanium G23 Base and SS Top. An oblong shape, when the modification has completely healed, the skin will grow around the holes. Use of a dermal punch for opening the pocket in which the anchor will be placed is the most common method of insertion, but a large gauge dermal black hollow piercing needle can also be used.

Dermal Anchors with Black Ball Top has a very stylish look. These dermal anchors come with a black ball top and Titanium G23 base. The base goes on the skin and once it’s fixed and healed, the black ball part can be replaced. These come in different sizes which ranges from 2mm to 5mm. These anchors give a very trendy look and have a great finish which will make a person wearing it look stunning.

2mm dermal anchor tops

Microdermal jewelry is small anchor jewelry under the surface of the skin. It allows the practitioner the flexibility to offer the client a vast variety of array of the possible locations to get a piercing while making it more aesthetic. However, star set this microdermals anchor jewelry star jewelry to seem to have become a new rage into the piercing world. This different types of piercings one of the body modification

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Jeweled Heart Top Dermal Anchors sold in singles! Our body piercing jewelry store features in the high quality of 316l surgical steel. This a great implant grade 316l surgical steel in only one size of 3mm and it’s thread of 14G=1.6mm. We also have them in many other shapes as well as the colors.

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These dermal anchors look stunning and with all latest designs available on the website, you won’t have to go any further dermal anchors. Just order them, and get them directly at your doorstep. You can find different dermal anchor size at our online store including the crystal back dermal anchor of 14G size with the thread ball studded crystal stone being 5mm in size. Dermal anchors of size 1.6x5mm are also available with different sizes of thread balls ranging between 2mm dermal to 5mm.

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