20 pieces Assorted 9K Gold Ball End Nose Studs

Nose studs are cool, chic and trendy. Right from giggly girls to confident young adults every woman loves to sport a nose stud. It is small and does not take a huge space like the rings or pins on the nose and therefore suits any kind of facial structure. Wearing a nose stud does not appear distracting on the face while making you look beautiful. This petite and cute nose stud also goes with any complexion and any personal style. Whether you have a bold taste or a balanced one, the nose stud will definitely make you look cool and fashionable. The fact that this particular display tray has 20 assorted pieces made from 9k gold increases the glamour quotient of the lady wearing it.
This tray displays different shapes of nose studs which are all quite popular among the fashionista. Flower, cross, snake, infinity, moon, heart, star, kitty all are popular motifs for body jewelry in the modern times. These funky shapes will make you appear stylish and will rock the look wherever you go. The best part of sporting a nose stud is that it can accompany you even during winter season when most of the other jewelries are either no visible or you cannot wear them. A nose stud can be easily a part of your winter jewelry session.
Earlier nose studs were confined to the punk subculture. But as people started taking note of how it can transform one’s look dramatically it became a part of all round fashion. It provides a unique expression of style and this uniqueness attracted people towards buying nose studs. Nose studs look amazing with tattoos and it can really make a strong style statement. Considered as one of the most young and hip fashion accessories, the nose stud has actually broken barriers of age and style with its appeal. It has now penetrated across cultures and ages as a style statement. The subtle charm of a nose stud can make you look like a diva.
Who can forget the looks sported and popularized by pop sensations like Pink, Christina Aguillera and Kelly Clarkson? Their nose stud appearances inspired an entire generation of teenagers to wear nose studs. People who follow fashion trends closely know quite well that a nose stud is a fashion accessory which will fade away because it is charming and hip. Moreover, if the pieces are made of gold then the glamour quotient is a notch higher.

Nose studs/pins are the coolest and funkiest way to assert who you are to the world. Whether you wish to look grunge, traditional, punk or glam the nose stud does it all for you. Choose anything from bejeweled ones to the non jeweled ones in warm and rich gold that brings an inherent luster to the nose stud. Studs and rings are most suitable nose accessory choices for anybody from a beginner to an experienced piercing fashionista. After the ‘ala nasi’ or the nostril is pierced for the nose stud you will heal within 3-6 months depending on the thickness of your skin. By the way, you can get any of the sides pierced with the stud.
The 20 pieces of assorted 9k gold nose studs offered by Piercebody have a wide range of designs from stars, flowers, cats, infinity, and hearts to crosses. Each of the pieces is 6mm long and 22g thick which makes them light in weight and easy to wear. Nose studs are the most popular choice when it comes to nose accessories. They come in various sizes, shapes and with gemstones at times. A stud provides a chic and trendy look which the other varieties of nose accessories can’t provide. However, people wearing studs sometimes complain of holding it in its position. That can be done with curly, beaded or plain tail. If the stud is perfect for your nose piercing then it will remain in its position.
You can manipulate the place and the nose stud for a perfect fit. Studs often have an internal bead or post that is inserted from the outside to the inside of the nostril. If the end is flared then it is even better to hold the stud in position. Now, when you are choosing your nose accessory, opt for gold because it has some of the best designs, variety and richness which are inherent to gold. Some of the best pieces are crafted from 9k, 14k, 18k or 22k gold. It is always advisable to wear nose studs after the piercing ahs healed which minimizes the chance of any infection. It is seen most of the times that people get the piercing done by gunshots for earrings. This can also cause complications.
However, gold has a healing capacity which is recommended by doctors. So, even if you are wearing it for new piercings it should cause any trouble.

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