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Our collection of Stainless Steel Piercing is impressive and strikingly beautiful. With us you can assuredly get the finest quality at unbeatable prices. Factors like remarkable designs and dazzling craftsmanship set us apart.

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The “Stainless” Image of Stainless Steel in Jewelry Making

With its irresistible luster and an innate resistance to tarnish, stainless steel has made its way from the mines to goldsmith’s shop easily. Known for its sophisticated appeal, stainless steel has become synonymous with simple and effortless style nowadays. Since it’s not very reactive, it becomes a Hobson’s choice for longtime use.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Buying Stainless Steel Jewelry Online:

Selecting the right kind of steel jewelry online is a tedious task. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while browsing for SS jewelry online:

  1. Always check for the clasps and jump rings while selecting a stainless bracelet or a pair of SS earrings. Check for overall functionality, the underlying ease and the safety attached to a particular steel ornament.
  2. Even if you’re selecting a wedding ring with a comfort-fit design, it would be of utmost importance to check for the smoothness of its inner rim. It should be domed instead of being flat to make it comfortable to wear all day long. This can an unusual tip but can benefit you in the long run.
  3. Any stainless jewelry should not be burred or distorted. It should be evenly molded to ensure a silky smooth and even surface. Stainless steel is all about its smooth texture and the developed sheen.
  4. Check for the content of nickel in a certain variety of stainless steel, always. Remember the least-reactive stainless steel will have the minimum nickel percentage, which makes it ideal to be used for making body jewelry.

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