Silver Belly Rings

A belly button ring that would enhance your look and upgrade it to a new level is why you got that piercing right? That’s a bold move; which is why we have a huge collection of belly rings made of silver, gold, stainless steel, anodized to suit your look. Our special piercing deals are the best option for you if you are looking for deals at the affordable prices.

Guilty as Charged! Why this bias towards belly rings?

Belly Rings are regarded as the most sensual piercing fashion accessory for women. Conventionally, navel rings have been rather small, usually pierced along the upper part of the belly button. However, changing piercing trends have made people experiment with Belly Rings. This includes piercing the lower rim of the navel. Though associated with the “attitude” era of the early 1990s, Belly Rings have been able to sustain a fair degree of popularity. Even today, celebrities display navel rings at movie premieres apart from TV and sports stars. We are piercing jewelry specialists and offer the biggest online collection of Belly Rings in different colors, finishing options, and designs. You can choose a Belly Ring in accordance with your personal preferences, the skin's sensitivity level or a pricing range.

No Piercing Jewelry is as versatile as Belly Rings

Among body piercing enthusiasts, Belly Rings are regarded as being highly versatile. For starters, piercing jewelry is usually worn to flaunt your fashion. However, the same might seem a bit inappropriate at workplaces where a dressing code or formal dressing is the primary requirement. This is when you need a smart fashion accessory like a Belly Ring. The navel ring can be easily concealed when you dress for the office. When you want to party, just ensure you have low-rise jeans and a piece of apparel that does not comprehensively cover the mid-riff, and the Belly Ring turns into an instant fashion statement!

Restrained or Bold: Belly Rings have them All!

The second bit of versatility comes in the type of style you want to exude. You can choose from some of our more elaborate, colorful navel rings if you like a bold approach to fashion accessories. On the other hand, we also have many lustrous, but subtly designed Belly Rings that complement every party ensemble. Our inventory of fashionable Belly Rings is being continuously upgraded with dressier styles, to ensure you have the best in piercing options when you are ready to expose the midriff—all of this, at the best online prices!

Find All Navel Ring Styles on a Single Platform has a small, industrious team at work that worships body piercings. Expect the latest Belly Ring styles here. From crystals to beads, colorful to all silver metallic designs, get the advantage of finding all types of Belly Rings with every possible adornment out there. We have smaller, simpler options for first-time piercings while more seasoned piercing individuals can opt for belly rings with different accents.

Why choose Silver Belly Rings?

We endeavor to bring you the best in navel rings, crafted from non-allergic, safe, and durable materials. There are plenty of metals that can be used for different types of belly rings. The range of colors can be as exhaustive and impressive. However, we are slightly inclined towards using premium silver rather than glass, treated plastics, acrylics, or metals that might react with chemical vapors or moisture. The use of top quality, 925 Sterling Silver means you are getting premium navel rings at the best online prices. This ensures our range of fashionable belly rings don't induce skin reactions or become the cause of an infection. We still believe that silver-plated/silver-filled belly rings with that typical white-silvery, lustrous finishing is the best option. This metal does not require cleaning or regular caring to sustain its characteristic gleaming look.

Why buy 925 Sterling Silver Belly Rings from us?

We are reinventing the niche of Sterling Silver Navel Rings with some never-before designs. However, this is just one of the many advantages you get with us, such as:

  1. Assurance of 100% genuine Sterling Silver—maximum silver and minimal, resilient but resilient alloy
  2. Promise of Timely Delivery
  3. Ready-to-ship inventory for quick order processing for wholesale and bulk shipping
  4. Quality inspection by a dedicated team of piercing specialists
  5. Centralized production process where we have our own factory, designers, warehousing facilities and retail channels
  6. Updated inventory of affordable navel rings in their latest avatars
  7. Easy-to-find navel piercings that complement your body jewelry/body art

The team at continues to research and innovate in the niche of designer body jewelry, including popular options like Belly Rings. Before buying, browse the listed images from different angles & read the product descriptions to ensure you make an educated decision…a Belly Ring is going to be a part of your body…it warrants a bit of extra time!

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45 Item(s)

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