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Avail our marvelous and outstanding collection of special piercing deals and bowl your friends and relatives over. Our clearance jewelry includes an extensive range of earrings, ear plugs, ear expanders, straight barbells, ear flesh tunnels and a host of other items of body jewelry. Great quality at unbelievable discount is our biggest attraction for piercing with our fantastic deals.

Heavy Gauge: Latest Emerging Body Piercing Trend

Gauge Piercing was a slightly late entrant into mainstream body piercing fashion. However, it has now become a global favorite with a cult following. The reason lies in Heavy Gauge Piercing being slightly demanding and very unconventional. The overall visual impact is that of a quirky, outlandish piercing. Our range of Heavier Gauge Piercing Accessories are made from skin-safe materials. The emphasis is always on ensuring that the manufacturing process never compromises on quality. The stylish straight barbells and ear expanders are all a part of this collection. You will find Ear Flesh Tunnels and Ear Plugs being equally popular among heavy-gauge piercing seekers. We promise you the best in quality and the lowest of wholesale prices with the assurance that even Bulk Orders are processed quickly!

Trust for Re-imagining Piercing Designs

Being specialists in the body piercing niche, we have an advantage over the usual, piercing provider. We are passionate about this form of expressionism. These sentiments are visible in our collection of Heavy Gauge Piercings. However, there is something you need to understand about this segment of bodily piercings. For starters, these are not meant for first-time piercings. You need some degree of familiarity with body piercings. However, this does not mean that Heavy Gauge Piercings carry a risk. We choose the best metals and industry-optimized sizing details to ensure that the piercing is precise and renders the wanted visual affect. You can choose from a wide range of bestselling barbells and some bright, highly vibrant colors in this collection. Expect more in this space as our designers strive to address the need of dedicated body art and piercing followers!

What to expect when shopping for Higher Gauge Piercings at Piercebody?

Expect exciting and eccentric designs in our bestselling Gauge Piercing Collection—we have a few team members dedicated exclusively to this collection. These are seasoned piercing artists. They are constantly on the lookout for any emerging trend in this section. Inspirations in Heavy Gauge Piercings can be cultural, social, historic or just bizarre. Don't expect the usual in this category—we don't do predictable! Our ingenious approach defines us. We are always ready to trade exclusive designs and boutique creations over volumes. However, the Heavy Gauge Piercing collection has never let us down. It continues to attract buyers, repeat orders and recommendations that translate into real sales. In fact, this is becoming one of our most frequented wholesale category!

More Reasons to Buy at

1.    Quality Assurance without Any Conditions!

Body piercing is a fashion genre that demands high quality products and negligible scope for errors and this starts with the quality of the piercing itself. You get a greater degree of safety when you buy your piercing supplies from us. From designing to manufacturing and selling piercings, we control the entire retail process, ensuring you get quality products at discounted rates.

2.    Friendly Customer Service

Just ensuring that the product is delivered at your doorstep is not what drives us. We believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. This means assisting them throughout the purchase process including placing wholesale body piercing orders or creating special bulk rate quotes. We always try to resolve queries by providing multiple privileges like Quick Shipping and easy Return & Refund policy.

3.    Heavier Gauge Piercing Products at their Affordable Best

Please understand that heavier gauge piercings need careful handling and the piercing jewelry itself should be flawless. We ensure this via our quality-conscious production and retail network. The well-organized, user friendly website ensures you can easily identify the type of gauge suitable for your piercing demands. is an online platform that offers the latest fashion jewelry and piercings for body art fanatics, creative souls and the liberated. You get the best online prices along with the promise of consistency in quality.

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