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We have a beautiful assortment of body jewelry forged from basic surgical steel. Trendy, elegant and stunning straight barbells, twisted barbells, curved barbells, labrets, rings are available made from finest 316 surgical steel. They are safe, prevent infection, durable and are hypo allergic. Moreover, we have unbeatable offers on these products. We are known for the best special piercing deals also get access to reliable jewelly in stainless steel for sale and jewelry for sale.

Mating Satisfaction & Perfection with Affordability

Stainless Steel is the “Other White Metal”, which is a creative and alternative solution to the more expensive options like gold and silver jewelry. At Piercebody, we understand that jewelry is also about everyday wear. This is why we have invested time in creating a series of products that are perfect for daily schedules. Our collection of Stainless Steel Jewelry, which is extremely strong, follows this approach. The durability does not wither away with time. Also, we use the most premium stainless steel, surgical-level variety, to ensure absolute safety. Stainless steel is also a lot easier to craft. This means more liberties for our creative team.

Our Surgical Steel Collection has lightweight options that don't corrode. They can last a lifetime and makes perfect sense as a daily jewelry option in all types of weather conditions and lifestyle choices. You get the assurance of knowing that your jewelry is not susceptible to rusting or scratching. Simple and stylish, stainless steel jewelry is also about minimalism. However, this does not mean that the entire selection is passive or laidback. Expect some creative, bold creations too.

Our stainless steel jewelry has the type of versatility people seek when buying conventional jewelry, i.e. elegant and durable without compromising on the overall quality or structural integrity. Surgical Steel collection of body jewelry gives you this freedom at a fraction of the cost. With our range of stainless steel rings, labrets and barbells, you get the look of high end jewelry at affordable prices!

We buy contemporary Stainless jewelry from

  1. High End Look in Fewer Dollars: Our stainless steel jewelry collection has a high-end, premium feel to it. You can be a smart shopper when buying our stainless steel jewelry to get a trendy, upmarket look without spending a lot.
  2. Allows you to Mix and Match: Our Stainless Steel jewelry line provides you barbells, labrets and a lot more which you can easily mix with your other favorite jewelry or apparel choices for the day.
  3. Keeps up with you everywhere, every time: Stainless jewelry is extremely durable. You can dive into a pool at beach parties or stand under a waterfall during vacations without worrying!

How differs from its competitors? 

At, we understand what it is to be passionate about jewelry. We know how consumers feel when they finally get their favorite piece of jewelry at lower than expected prices. We offer over 19,000 unique designs from various categories to help you choose what appeals to your heart.

  1. Our body jewelry line contains a great deal of anti-allergic, skin-safe metals making them safe for people prone to allergies.
  2. The high quality metals, stones and other materials used in crafting jewelry combined with our unique designs, make our jewelry instant classics.
  3. Besides the quality we offer, our prices are also matchless. We offer a wide variety of classic, contemporary and inventive styles created in surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, and sterling silver.
  4. The all-inclusive information and easy online navigation on our website make your online shopping experience uncluttered, more enjoyable.
  5. Our remarkable jewelry collection is backed by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. is the ideal online destination to find wholesale, bulk and retail Surgical-grade Stainless Steel Body Piercing Jewelry. Today, we enjoy the status of being a premium online destination for high quality but very affordable fashion jewelry.

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