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You can spice up your looks with our unbeatable special deals on the widest range of body jewelry containing anodized assorted jewelry, stainless steel, belly navel button rings, circular and straight barbells, labret, piercing wholesale jewelry, nose studs and many more. In addition of being brilliant for your piercings, they serve as a good gift option for your loved ones. Come and have a look at our unbeatable offers.

There is a reason why Piercebody is regarded as the preferred, most trusted destination for buying body piercings and fashion jewelry. We are the only providers in this highly competitive marketplace where every part of the production process, right from raw material procurement, to the factory, warehousing, and selling at wholesale or retail is centralized, comprehensively controlled; eliminating quality roadblocks and price-inflating factors. The result is Designer Jewelry at the most competitive online rates. There are plenty of options on offer whether you are a body piercing hobbyist or exploring this niche for the first time.

Not Blatant Promotion, Our Prices are Actually the Best in Market

Feel assured about the quality of materials used and the authenticity of the final, shipped products. From Anodized Jewelry to Stainless Steel creations, Colorful Crystal Danglers and Stainless Steel creations, we provide an unbeatable range in terms of creativity, artisan-like exclusivity and the promise of best prices. Our unique procurement and wholesale ecosystem also means that whether you want to gift Belly Button Rings or buy Circular Barbells for your personal use, you will definitely find these products with a major price advantage, for most part of the year.

There is no greater feeling than finding “your” jewelry at your price!

We are catering to the modern, more informed buyer, discerning customers like you who expect only the best. For instance, the Stainless Steel Bracelet niche has been witnessing a lot of curiosity and sales are climbing. We are using premium steel that is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant and high on durability. Expect to find more of such body jewelery and piercings in a wider array of choices, including colors, finishing options, type of materials used…some with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Raising Benchmarks for Discounted Body Piercings & Jewelry

Our online shop has been expanding its global footprints due to its hard-to-beat prices. A dedicated customer care team, extensive warehousing facilities to maintain ready-to-ship inventory should take a toll on the pricing bandwidth but we have managed to sustain the “discounted” advantage. From packaging to delivering the ordered products, including during-transit precautions, our business model has been synced with the best in contemporary business practices to keep the costing at its bare minimum. From Labrets to wholesale Body Jewelry, from Nose Studs to Straight Barbells, we ensure there is a modestly priced proposition awaiting your attention!

Penchant to be the Best: Re-imagining Even Bestsellers!

Some folks preach and practice not changing what is performing well. However, our creative team is highly driven to further raise the standards for re-inventing even the bestsellers. Whether it is crystal-heavy finger rings or nose studs, our collection continues to expand. This is without bloating the sticker price. Expect urban, eternally fashionable jewelry options, especially piercing jewelry pieces that have undergone comprehensive quality checks. Even the crystals are tested for their purity. We follow international testing standards to ensure our stock is never questioned. Despite this holistic approach towards sustaining and improving the quality, our prices are the best in this segment!

Symbolizing a lifestyle choice or used just as accessories, body jewelery and piercings provide a practical and affordable option. Each order is executed to perfection, delivered on time, shipped quickly. The prices are invariably the best you can expect in this segment!