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You can avail one of the very best assortments of piercing jewelry in UV that react to special lights under our roof. We offer choice of Colorful and classy body jewelry including various types of plugs, tunnels and expanders, segment rings and more, you will definitely love them.

All UV Piercing Designs Converge at Piercebody.com

In the fashion world, jewelry is an accessory, an everyday staple and something exotic. Being body piercing specialists, we understand every aspect of body jewelry. We have realized that apart from grand, classical collections, people also seek something funky. These are body piercings far removed from the regular options. Our UV Piercings are at the top of the chain when it comes to delivering Body Piercings at a price that makes sense for all stores, no matter how big or small, irrespective of their location.

Piercebody.com happens to be a trend-setter in the jewelry world—this online hub of unique creations is driven by a desire to be different, to do things not attempted before and surprise people with exclusive creations. In an extremely competitive world of fashion jewelry, we have carved a niche by delivering only quality benchmarked authentic products in a ready-to-ship format. Our wholesale buyers regularly order in bulk volumes as this is perhaps the only platform where you get a harmonious balance of reasonable prices and quick shipping.

Please understand that our wholesale products are not of sub-par quality. The idea of wholesale purchase is to increase our global presence. We now have the production capacity to meet bulk orders. We are creating a lot of traction in the market, engaging orders from resellers and lifestyle stores in different continents. Our wholesale body piercing jewelry range is best represented by a vast range of UV Piercings. You can also choose from a vast range of plugs, tunnels, expanders, barbells and segment rings made from the finest anti-allergic UV material.

Our exclusive online platform offers:

  1. Extremely competitive prices
  2. Global certifications and accreditations for quality
  3. Buying from an international brand popular for fashion and lifestyle products
  4. Easy online shopping platforms with ease of navigation
  5. A proficient in-house team delivering unique creations
  6. A pleasing customer service with detailed product descriptions and pricing transparency

What is special about UV piercings?

  1. Widely acknowledged for glowing in the dark, they are perfect accessories for clubbing and night parties
  2. They are highly flexible, making them ideal for highly mobile piercings like lip piercings and tongue piercings
  3. Being a transparent plastic, these are easy to insert in any piercing, popularly used for plugs and tapers
  4. Made with fine quality PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), UV piercings are chemically inert and bio-compatible—this means an eco-friendly body jewelry!
  5. Due to the material's smoothness, it is the most preferred choice of piercing for stretching purpose.

What makes us the best in bulk and wholesale jewelry?

At Piecebody.com, we take pride in being unconventional. Passion drives us, and our appetite for creating something never done before is insatiable. You will regularly find finely crafted UV and other metal piercings in restrained and eye-catching designs. Mating premium materials with the best in body jewelry designs, we create an unmatched shopping destination for you. We are susceptible to getting artistically inspired and working meticulously with craftsmen-like obsession to create exclusive piercings. From Silver Jewelry, Gold Body Jewelry and 316l Stainless Steel Jewelry to 925 Sterling Silver jewelry—we are the wholesale body jewelry specialists!

Piercebody fuses traditional designs with contemporary technology. This has helped us create a scalable, wholesale model where you can place bulk orders on creatively designed piercings with a quick turnaround time—at the best online prices…!