Titanium Twisted Barbell

Give a trendy edge to your personality with our enviable collection offering amazing twisted barbells in Titanium. These are made from best quality G23 grade anodized titanium which makes it safe, anti-corrosive, smooth and you can wear it without any doubt. Our varieties include conical or twisted barbell in various colors or pure steel.

Reinvent the Everyday Life with Titanium Twisted Barbells

Creating the perfect, contrasting body jewelry ensemble gets a lot easier when you combine sober looking and slightly twisted options. Twisted Barbells delivers up to these expectations in a very literal manner. For starters, it is a variation over the standard, straight barbell piercings. While we stock some body jewelry that have a restrained style, we are more biased towards emerging, more creative options like Twisted Barbells. This resonates with our approach since our creative team has a penchant for creating the unusual, using colors, infusing life into body jewelry with sparkle and shimmer, breaking away from predictable designs.  Our collection of Twisted Barbells is perhaps the biggest of its type in the contemporary world of online body jewelry platforms. You can expect outrageously low prices on ready-to-ship wholesale orders that can be delivered to an international address of your choice. All of this without compromising on quality!

Piercing Fashion Expertise at Piercebody

Piercebody delivers only premium quality products. From piercing supplies to accessories, the emphasis remains on sterile, skin-safe materials that are chemically inert, structurally resilient and make sense for the long term without being overpriced. This is why our collection of Twisted Barbells features comprehensively anodized external surface. This is surgical-grade titanium, meaning its compatibility with human tissue has already been established by the healthcare fraternity. You get the assurance of bio-compatible titanium, making your purchase an eco-friendly decision.

By buying our premium Twisted Barbells, you are essentially spending on eternally fashionable body jewelry items that come with the guarantee of durability. We envision this collection to create huge traction for folks who like their fashion to be somewhat unpredictable. Standard barbells are equally attractive but with the twisted design, you add a new dimension. We are the biggest wholesalers in this segment, selling an exclusive range of piercing options that blend exclusivity with affordability.

What makes Piercebody Twisted Barbells a favorite?

Body piercing jewelry should be able to transform your persona. Twisted Barbells can do this effortlessly. These trendy barbells are unusually beautiful and give you a trendy edge, almost instantly. Each barbell comes with two removable bead accessories. The benefit of removable beads is that it can be changed anytime you want. In fact, you can easily put colorful beads of your choice in the barbell. Because these barbells are made of anodized titanium, they are corrosion-resistant.

What makes us the unrivalled wholesale point of sale in fashion jewelry?

  1. We have special, procurement and onboarding staff dedicated to handling wholesale and bulk orders
  2. Our promise of purity and safety is rooted in global certifications and an in-house quality control measures
  3. We deliver body jewelry designs with unique inspirations, curating our collections with new additions rather frequently
  4. Our creative team works meticulously with niche specialists to create exclusive designs
  5. We communicate, via social media channels, with the piercing community to foresee emerging requirements
  6. You can trust us with transparency in prices and unrivalled brand recall value
  7. We also offer standalone items like UV Balls, UV Cones, Crystal and Acrylics at market-best wholesale prices

When you make a purchase at Piercebody.com, you are dealing with body jewelry specialists. We are doers, creators and artists at the forefront of creating non-conformist designs, backing our ingenuity with a beautifully set-up scalable production model.

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