Titanium Straight Barbells

We have one of the best collections of straight barbells in titanium that are sure to make heads turn. Our titanium body jewelry is hypo allergic and made of anodized titanium which makes them last for years. Available in various exciting colors to choose from, that have conical and ball endings, you sure are spoilt for choice with us.

Fascinating Piercebody Titanium Straight Barbells

From overhauling your wardrobe to purchasing the latest in digital entertainment systems, we take upon different ways to make our everyday lives a bit more exciting. Body piercings do something similar in a more intimate manner. With a more artistic aura, with a bit of mysticism mixed with premium materials, our range of Straight Barbells is the perfect example of this fact.

Fashion is not always about the latest belts or scarves. Often you need a makeover, a way to express your attitude and this is when titanium Straight Barbells can be very helpful. The piercing lifestyle is not for everybody, you need to understand the love for body piercings and the transformation that comes with it. To ensure you can explore the entire galaxy of body piercing options at a single hub, we, at Piercebody.com, are creating an exhaustive inventory. Among our best-selling products, you will find titanium Straight Barbells. These are easy to pierce and symbolize embracing bold fashion. Titanium Barbells body piercings are trending heavily these days, visible among celebrities to a colleague at your workplace or gym partner. This is because titanium Straight Barbells come with the promise of being truly fashionable and are non-intrusive.

What distinguishes Piercebody from others in the body jewelry industry?

Piercebody believes in delivering rich customer experiences. We ensure our buyers are empowered with accurate product information. These accessories are purely sterile—making them suitable for those who have allergic skin problems. Piercebody Straight Barbells are made with surgical-grade titanium which has the highest bio-compatibility and does not create any room for infections or serious injuries to set-in when inserted into human tissue. Titanium Straight barbells by Piercebody are extremely durable, lightweight and hypoallergic, fulfilling every criteria that a fashion and lifestyle accessory should have. While other body piercing providers struggle to maintain a sweet price point, our entire inventory is positioned uniquely with a huge price advantage. This is particularly applicable when you seek wholesale titanium Straight Barbells. Our barbells can be used for tongue-piercing or eyebrow-piercing with an array of options on offer, such as decorative ends. Our wholesale inventories come with the promise of quality checks and timely delivery.

What is special about Piercebody Barbells?

Each straight barbell has two removable bead accessories that you can swap anytime—transforming these into the most versatile piercing option. These barbells come in conical and ball endings in array of colors—you always have a choice to complement your attire. These straight barbells can fit in smaller sized piercings too. Being completely anodized, our titanium Straight Barbells provide a resilient external surface that does not react when exposed to household chemicals or moisture. This is perhaps why high-profile personalities have been captured on trend-spotting websites with Straight Barbells crafted from premium materials. This includes Justin Bieber, Raychel Diane Weiner and Miley Cyrus. For those who are looking to add more to their piercing look, choose from any of the following while wholesale deal-seekers can expect unbeatable quotes on bulk orders.

The Piercebody Advantage:

We have a scalable model that helps us ship wholesale on short notice. The pricing is the best in the industry. From premium to everyday wear body piercing jewelry, we have created the perfect blend of decorative body jewelry. A community conscious enterprise, we choose ethical procurement, manufacturing and packaging practices. Expect better deals on repeat wholesale orders!

  1. We give special deals on internationally relevant body piercing jewelry
  2. All sales items are systematically tested for superior quality. Anything flawed is discarded there off!
  3. Our jewelry products carry trusted certifications from recognized authorities

Piercebody is redefining quality benchmarks for body piercing jewelry. The secret lies in a professionally managed, fully owned procurement, manufacturing and selling platform that eliminates third party interference, ensuring the prices are never inflated…

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