Titanium Segment Ring

Titanium segment ring forged in high quality anodized titanium and having different colors as well as in original steel are our specialty. Our titanium jewelry is safe, anti-corrosive and so smooth that you can rotate them around your piercing without any concerns.

Titanium Segment Rings: Discover Next Gen Piercings

If you have a septum, lip or helix piercing, chances are you’ve been shopping for body jewelry and have come across Segment Rings. This is not your usual piercing accessory. Segment Rings have their own, distinct style where the lustrous finishing and durability stand unchallenged. We are body piercing worshippers. For us, anything that makes a piercing look better, adds a new dimension to a design that has already been done is worthy of being pursued. This is why we recommend Titanium Segment Rings. For starters, segment rings are contoured to perfection. They can be added to any type of body jewelry ensemble.

The usability options are almost infinite. However, Segment Rings are often looked down upon as add-ons and many retailers will sell sub-par rings made from metals that are prone to developing signs of wear and tear rather quickly. Instead, we use an alternative approach. We use premium materials like Titanium. This metal is a highly inert metal that is being pursued religiously across the fashion jewelry segment.

By using titanium, you get the assurance of an infection-free insertion. The piercing tends to last for a very long time. It needs minimal caring even if you are taking part in activities that make you sweat. Read ahead to understand why our collection of Titanium Segment Rings has been a surprise hit in the piercing fraternity and why we are positioned as the best wholesaler in this segment, delivering silos of Titanium Segment Rings across the globe and unbeatable prices!

Here Come the Experts: We bring you the best Titanium Segment Rings

Browse our collection of Titanium Segment Rings and there is every chance that you will come across the design you had in mind. Look at the wholesale price and we are sure you will be pleasantly shocked. Why? We use a unique production, warehousing, and wholesale setup where we make significant savings despite using premium materials to craft Segment Rings. This price advantage is shared with our clients. Buyers get unbelievable wholesale quotes across the Titanium Segment Rings collection.

When ordering segment rings, remember these are a great alternative to BCRs—don't get confused among these two, similar-looking options. You are buying simple Titanium Rings that have one or more small gaps. You just have to insert them and they will stay secured without any more handling. Another impressive fact is the flexibility you get with Titanium Segment Rings. You can add these to almost any type of piercing, including ear, eyebrow, lip, nipple and septum piercings. Our collection of segment rings is made from high quality G23 titanium—considered the best in this marketplace.

Why titanium? Simply because this is the go-to choice when you want your piercing to be absolutely non-irritating, free from nickel and comfortable to wear. Titanium is hard-wearing, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and can be crafted into a sophisticated design being reasonably malleable.

Why buy segment rings from us? Simply because there is always something extra on offer. We, at Piercebody.com, offer our customers an extensive array of designs and colors including silver-colored wedding rings and anodized colored rings.

  1. Our collection of titanium segment rings include 360 rotatable smooth rings that are clean, comfortable and do not snag
  2. We use premium grade titanium making the rings safe and perfect for fresh piercings
  3. Our titanium segment rings are ideal for facial piercings and ear piercings
  4. Segment rings made from titanium are the perfect alternative when you want elaborate but lighter BCRs

Why is Piercebody positioned as the ultimate wholesale body jewelry destination?

  1. Piercebody.com is a leading wholesaler of body piercings that conform to international standards.
  2. With our experience, we bring you the latest and the classic from body jewelry collections
  3. We employ a combination of mechanized and handcrafted approach and seasoned craftsmen
  4. Our collection is holistic, including nose ring, earplugs, circular barbells, labrets, shields, belly button rings, tongue barbells, eyebrow rings, and dermal piercings
  5. Expect the highest-grade of sterling silver, titanium and stainless steel—contemporary materials being used in the fashion jewelry space
  6. Our creative and supply team consists of actual piercing enthusiasts and industry experts
  7. We look upon body piercings as a lifestyle accessory and continue to uncover never-done-before designs
  8. Our products are certified and tested by globally recognized institutions
  9. From product procurement to warehousing and retailing, we invest in ethical, fair-price practices
  10. We have the capacity to ramp-up our production to meet bulk/wholesale orders

Titanium Segment Rings present an easy, affordable and fashionable way to update your look without any undue risks. We have the capacity to meet your bulk and wholesale requirements with a scalable model and global shipping capacity…

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