Titanium Labrets

Cool, fun, eye catching and safe to wear make our titanium labrets the best in market. They are made of G23 grade anodized titanium that makes them anti corrosive and keeps them in great condition for years. Check out our jewelry collection, available in various colors or plain steel and with ball or conical endings.

Get Gorgeous Labrets at Wholesale Prices!

Labret piercings have seen an upsurge lately. Many people have hopped on this fashion craze, especially the young, daring souls who want to experiment with something new from the world of body jewelry and body art. Labret Studs started trending recently and now they are getting patronage from celebrities and sports stars. Lip piercing has gained popularity across the globe, becoming a sign of expressive, liberated fashion trend and Labrets are emerging as the safest, perhaps the most fashionable way to pursue this type of piercing. There is no dearth of finding labret studs. Markets are flooded with different types of Lip Piercing Jewelry but it takes a seasoned eye to decode labrets that are safe enough to be placed within your mouth. Yes, tongue piercing has this challenge—the piercing will be an internal part of your body, exposed to various biochemicals that make way to our mouth through food. As body jewelry experts, Piercebody realizes this challenge. This is why extra caution is pursued when Lip Piercing Jewelry collections are uploaded. We insist on safe and convenient options for our customers. Expect the use of superior materials only in this segment of internal body piercings. This includes G23 Grade Surgical Titanium and 316l Surgical Steel.

What to expect from our collection of Labret piercings?

  1. Our titanium labret studs are super shiny, hand-polished for a lasting gleam
  2. Whether you choose plain silver ball stud or brighter options, our labrets will grab attention
  3. Labrets in our Wholesale Titanium Jewelry Collection are made from G23 surgical titanium
  4. These are the safest choice for fresh piercings
  5. We recommend titanium piercings for folks prone to skin allergies
  6. Expect the cute, classy and versatile designs in this collection
  7. Our labret stud collection is available in Rainbow, Cobalt, Hot Pink, Green, Black, Aqua and Silver colors

Piercebody.com for the Ultimate Piercing Jewelry Buying Experience

At Piercebody.com, we put our best efforts to provide our customers excellent products at unrivaled prices. At every step, we strive for perfection, whether it comes to contouring a piercing or ensuring the authenticity of materials used to making it.

  1. We produce cutting-edge jewelry—we don't do the usual, standard designs. Edgy and innovativeness describes us better
  2. We interact with our buyers—creating an interactive relationship with our customers is paramount to ensure that they have sufficient product knowledge to make a sensible purchase
  3. We don't allow room for escalations—any issue is handled by our team of customer care experts who understand this segment
  4. Expect nothing short of real workmanship—despite the arrival of modern manufacturing methods, some of our designing processes use the old-world approach and this, sets us apart from other piercing providers
  5. No information is concealed—our prices and images are shared with absolute transparency. At no point, we conceal information that can impact your purchase decision
  6. We are easy to do business with—you get the leverage of easy Return Policy, Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee
  7. We introspect a lot—from the designing table to the warehouse and packaging, our team of quality care experts ensure vigilance to eliminate any room for error

Body jewelry marketplace suffers from one fundamental issue—there is little benchmarking and a lot of noise. To ensure you get a more harmonized, organic shopping experience, we have created a smartly managed online platform where you can easily browse for piercing options like Titanium Labrets.

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