Titanium Curved Barbells

Our astounding collection of titanium piercing jewelry, the recent rage with hip body piercings, is one of the best you will find. Our curved barbells in titanium are made of high quality anodized titanium that is totally safe and easy to wear at the time of barbell piercing. Available in original steel and myriad colors you are guaranteed to meet your choice with us!

Curved Barbells represent a new approach to conventional barbells. Traditional designs feature absolutely straight, connecting rod-like structures while the curved variety has a slightly curvaceous mid-section. We have seen the demand for Curved Barbells build up gradually to the present-day stage where piercing artists have started recommending Curved Barbells over straight barbells, especially to those who want to explore more into unconventional body piercings.

Our endeavor to make body piercing jewelry more affordable does not mean we are compromising on quality in any way. Just take the case of Curved Barbells in this collection that is made from superior quality Titanium—one of the most trusted metals in the fashion jewelry niche. Titanium is chemically inert and comes with a beautiful exterior that does not need vigorous treatment to make it safe for piercings. Titanium’s inherent qualities mated with our artistic approach translates into this collection—the biggest convergence of Titanium Curved Barbells online, at wholesale rates, with an increasing array of designs!

What makes our Titanium Jewelry special?

  1. Titanium jewelry is not new but we are reimagining it, transforming it into the most popular body piercing option
  2. We are re-inventing traditional body piercing products like barbells, using subtle curves and nifty changes in design that change the visual effect
  3. This collection is more about sophisticated options, combining bold and petite Curved Barbells
  4. We use modern, manufacturing processes where craftsmanship is collaborated with digitally progressive tools to create designs that are industry-firsts—grabbing attention of piercing experts
  5. Our Titanium Curved Barbells use the highest grade of Titanium—not a very affordable option for most manufacturers
  6. We are able to overcome the pricing challenge because of self-owned and self-managed designing, production, packaging, warehousing, and shipping setup
  7. All our Titanium Jewelry items are 100% nickel free—making them more suitable for people prone to skin issues like nickel-induced dermatitis     

You are Now Dealing with Titanium Curved Barbell Specialists!

Here is why:

  1. Remarkable collection at market-best prices: we have created the most competitive wholesale premium body piercings channel, some priced at as much as 60% to 80% lesser than common retail prices
  2. Comprehensive Information: We display genuine and detailed photographs of all our items with detailed data to help you make an educated purchase
  3. Secure Shopping: We completely protect our customer's privacy with every transaction. We accept all internationally used payment methods, guaranteeing that our customers’ financial information remains protected at all times
  4. Reduced Carbon Footprints: We recognize that manufacturing fashion jewelry can take a toll on the environment. We attempt to reduce our carbon footprints by reducing consumption of non-renewable resources and use biocompatible materials like Titanium  
  5. Friendly & Efficient Customer Service: We are devoted to creating a personalized customer service to ensure you get the best in online shopping experience. Our customer service personnel are proficient and understand this niche
  6. Certified Globally: Our line of body jewelry, fashion jewelry and piercings, come with trusted certifications from globally acknowledged quality-benchmarking organizations

You might find Titanium Curved Barbells slightly off-the-mark but put your first impressions on hold and give this collection a try! If you are seeking wholesale barbell piercings, you have arrived at the right platform. Our bulk rate inventory stands unchallenged in the global marketplace.

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5 Item(s)

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